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how do you deal with your fears

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone of something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Their is many things to fear in this world like the push of the big red

The Reasons To Believe by Peter Kreeft

The reasons to believe by Peter Kreeft talks about many important religious questions. It examines ideas such as the 8 arguments for the existence of god from history it also looks at the 4 primary questions. Reasons to believe questions

Hanna and Fairy Tales

Hanna and Fairy Tales   Throughout the movie Hanna there are many scenes and ideas that are similar to some of the Grimm’s fairy tales. Some of the fairy tales that have been used in the film are Baba Yaga,

Human Rights Violations

Our world is full of acts of unfair treatment towards others. These acts are often human rights violations. Over the next three paragraphs I will provide you with three different examples of human rights violations from around the world. North

One Last Scream

  The outside world was dark as the falling sun left the vacant sky surrounding the Ravens Institute for Lost Souls. Within the old decaying brick and wooden walls, Liz sat surrounded by cold dimly lit white padded walls that

to be human by Sia

For this project i was partners with piper we chose to read  To Be Human by Sia. we used pipers computer to record in garage band.To be human is about how part of being human to love and to feel

on the sidewalk bleeding

On the sidewalk bleeding What is the protagonist? Andy is the protagonist The protagonist is at the center of the story Everything revolves around the person or thing that is the protagonist The word protagonist is used mostly in stories

Who am I

Who am I I am a unique and special person with my own ideas and opinions about life. What you truly want in the world will never come easy. When life seems to be looking down that is when you

my blueprint

this is on the left side of my document


the cornell note taking system helps to make notes more orginized.

City of bones

City of bones is filled with lots of danger,mystery and fighting. This book is based on a girl by the name of clary fray she is fifteen from New York. Clary is a perfectly normal girl or so she thinks


the impossible possible? Is it possible for the impossible to be possible?. well personally i think that the impossible is  possible because impossible spells i’m possible which means that it is possible.impossible is another word for i’m to lazy or

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