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Ideal Marriage

As people mature and grow, their idea of a perfect marriage often will change. Young girls often dream of the future, wishing they will be able to find their “prince charming” man, have a beautiful wedding, create a life together,

Who is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus?, by Peter Kreeft, explores questions about who Jesus is to Christians and how find out more about Him. The reading demonstrates these questions through a conversation between a Christian believer and an individual who is open to

The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil, written by Peter Kreeft, discusses many concepts including eternal life, love, sins, and hell. In life, we know we surrounded by evil, but we may not know how to identify it. Kreeft gives us thoughtful ways

The Reasons to Believe

In Peter Kreeft’s writing, The Reasons to Believe, many ideas and points are discussed regarding Christianity and Atheism. Kreeft gives us multiple logical explanations and symbolic examples as to why he believes God exists, but it is up to us

Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

Paradox Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep is a paradox. While sleeping, our brains are still working but in a different way than during the day. Our bodies and brains go into

Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant means keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. In the story, the author mentioned that the boy remained vigilant all night. What she meant by this was that his brain seemed to be keeping track of the hours and

“I Didn’t Go on the Ski Trip” Poem #2

A bottle filled with emotions Pain and happiness Hate and love Fear and bravery Two similar yet very different things Strung together Very abstractly By relations of a thin line The thin line That holds us together May be broken

Found Poem (The Terminal)

Gazing out At the multicoloured sea of humanity I wait, Because America is closed What is the purpose of your visit? I go to New York He is here for a reason Business or pleasure? I help people with their

“I didn’t Go on the Ski Trip” Poem #1

I sit alone feeling empty Like a ghost Floating without a sound Emotionless We tend to go through life The way a boat sails through water Oblivious to everything around us Until an icebergs appears We may not see these

First Line Auction Poem

I sit alone at night And wonder why Why is the world like this? Why are people filled with hate? I wish for a place Where everyone is forgiving and thankful Not selfish or hurtful Where I will never feel

Ten-Minute Spill Poem #2

People are not always as they appear The truth and grace is limited We are often lied to And quick to believe what we see This may cause inquiry And we must put to question That people are not perfect

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) Poem

A place where I’m happy If not in a dream It is the reality That is not too far off To pack and set off Can be painful at times Like the thorns of roses A black and white life

Five Easy Pieces Poem

Her hands were warm A little bit wrinkled They were small but strong And soft to the touch Her hands were trying hard To smooth out her hair That was changed by the breeze In Hawaii near the dancing ocean

Ten-Minute Spill Poem #1

Standing on the cliff My mother looks up at me And says in a low voice “Doing good is better than saying good” Hearing this is like a scare A sharp needle to my soul For I know I always

Translation: Idea to Image Poem

Conflict Cold winter darkness Scatters over and creates hate I feel my body aching As I reach for the light through the crack The fight is useless The cycle of eternity is without empathy Soon it will all be forgotten


In the short story “Borders”, by Thomas King, there are many different conflicts. Laetitia’s mother, the protagonist, faces many of these conflicts which can be organized into three categories: man against man, man against self, and man against society. Throughout

Interests Survey

After taking the Interests Survey on “My Blueprint” I found out that my type is Tactician, or other know as CE. This stands for conventional and enterprising. I am able to quickly and easily analyze information and make practical, successful

Personality Survey

One of the features on “My Blueprint” is a personality surveys. After taking this quiz, I found out that my personality type is INFP, or a healer. This stands for introverted, iNtuiting, feeling, and perceiving.  Some of the traits this

Learning Styles Survey

On the “My Blueprint” website, there are a few surveys that you can take to help you understand yourself better. One of these is a learning style quiz, which asks you questions about things you prefer, to find out if

My Blueprint

On the left side of the My Blueprint, there are many features. The first one of these features is “Home”. When you click on it, four more show up. These include “Dashboard”, “Activities”, “Goals”, and “Portfolios”. When you click on

Who Am I?

In life, I think having a few close friends is much better than having many who don’t mean as much to me. I would say that not many people know me very well, but I definitely have a few extremely

On the Sidewalk Bleeding

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Evan Hunter Andy is the protagonist in the story. He is a sixteen year old boy who was wearing a purple Royals jacket when he was stabbed by the Guardians and left to bleed and die


  before                                    after The Cornel notes is a method for taking notes. It is a good strategy because it separates ideas and information.


My list of words I have collected in Grade 9: Word: definition Unkempt- having an untidy or disheveled appearance Dossier- a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject Conscience- an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting

Newspaper Article

  A new band Swifty’s came out of under the rocks late last night with their new single “Change the Song!” “Will these four girls become a big hit or will they smash like birds on windows?” This is no

St. Jerome’s School

St. Jerome’s School is a Catholic school in Vermilion Alberta from kindergarten to grade twelve. Red, black, and white are the school colors and spartans are what they  are known as.  apart from education the school has a large focus


My real name is Patty Patrick but my stage name is PP. I was born in Turkey on January 1, 1974 so am currently 42 years old. In my family I have fourteen brothers and one sister. Having only one

Twitter Essay

What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment? #SophisticatedFive — Jorja McIntyre (@jorjamcintyre_) May 10, 2016 What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment? The city


  Praying for the safety of all residents in Fort McMurray #ymm #ymmfire #support — ArthritisSK (@ArthritisSK) May 4, 2016 Please RT: Text REDCROSS to donate $5 to @RedCrossAB to help with #ymmfire disaster relief — Matt

The Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen

The book “The Truth About Forever” by Sarah Dessen is about Macy’s summer. About half a year earlier, the day after Christmas Macy’s father passed away due to a heart attack. It was very instant and unpredicted. This left Macy,

Helping the World

There are many small things that anyone can do to help our environment and other people a lot. We can save water by turning it off and using less. This is important because if we use up all our water


Waking up with no plans and $10000 on your dresser would be a big deal. It might seem like  a lot of money but when you think about it, it won’t last that long if not used wisely. You get

The Unsolved Riddles of Existance

How Do You Know Who Your Friends Are? Out of the many burdens of the unsolved riddles of existence the thought of who our real friends are is a big part. Can we go through our life having friendships that

My Playlist

  This is the playlist that describes me!

Movie Talk

One of my favourite movies is “If I Stay”. The genre of this movie is a romantic-drama. The movie is based on a seventeen year old girl named Mia who is in a coma because of a car crash. Mia

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