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I eat rice everyday cause I'm Asian.

Final Reflection on Paul, Apostle of Christ

The movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ, is about the sacrifices, and the journey of Paul, Luke, and the first century Christians. Paul is imprisoned by Nero’s, the leader of Rome, soldiers in Mamertine Prison. The Mamertine Prison is being led

The Central Logic of Christianity

     What did we do for the poor? In the evening of our life, we will be judged by love. Our love for God and to our neighbours. Let our heart love and take no revenge.      Is

Who is Jesus?

     Who is Jesus Christ, really? He is the man who sacrificed His death for our sins who rose again on the third day after his death. The Bible contains the words and knowledge of God. It’s His love

The Problem of Evil

     If God is good, why is his world so bad? Destruction of nature, poverty, and religious conflicts contributes to the problems that our world faces today. However, evil is identified as the most serious problem of the world.

The Reasons to Believe

     Does God exist? Is there a God? Atheist, Christians, Catholic, and other religions in the world are evidence that there are people who believe in the existence of God and who doesn’t. The book “The Reasons to Believe

Creative Written Response to Julius Caesar

The movie Julius Caesar is a story about the real life of Gaius Julius Caesar that was betrayed by his friends in the Senate that he thought were true friends. Julius Caesar has a trustworthy friend and companion, Marc Antony

By the Glacier Mountain of Antarctica

Three days have passed since my neighbor, Nilo, and I began our trip through Antarctica. I felt the cold breeze of wind on my face and through my hair when Nilo was coming out of the store to get us

I’ve Got Gloria – Responding to the Story

a.) The argument between father and Scott is because of Scott, he did not take responsibility of his actions, he did not admit his mistakes, and also his thoughts about his father being cruel towards him. When he flunked his

John Goddard – Responding to the Profile

a.) John Goddard mentioned his partner in the story, Jack Yowell, that died during their adventure together in Congo. One of the reasons that motivated him to spend his life trying to do everything on his list is to fulfill

Hanna Written Response

     The movie called Hanna directed by Joe Wright is a journey of a teenage girl about finding her real identity, and throughout her journey, she encountered Marissa Wiegler which brought danger. But, despite the dangers, she also encountered

Writing about “War”

                                           Home      My sister, Ruby,  and I were kids back then when our papers got approved by the

Respond to War

A.) What the author meant about the title is a war between father and son because Neil had an argument with his dad about the father going to war and breaking his promises to Neil. This conflict against father and

Research a Human Rights Violation: War Against Drugs

The new elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a human rights adversity, war against drugs. It’s a government murderous movement against drug users by harassing and persecuting drug abusers all over the country. This conflict started on June

Responding to the Story: A Conversation of Birds by Jean Yoon

a.) The theme of the story is about promises, it is about why we have to fulfill our promises. When we make promises we have the responsibility to meet and fulfill their promises to each other. For instance, Sally promised

Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know

                                         Target Noises from the basketball practice filled the empty school. The sunset was reflecting all over the city and the

Respond to the Story: The Michelle I Know

  a.)  I think the hero in the story is Michelle because most of the heroes in stories are the protagonist. She had a transformation and her adventure began when she went out of her room to meet Claude. She

Presenting a Song

 One Day by: Matisyahu Sometimes I lay Under the moon And thank God I’m breathing Then I pray Don’t take me soon ‘Cause I am here for a reason   Sometimes in my tears I drown But I never let

Superman’s Song : Responding to the Song

                         a.) Tarzan – Tarzan wasn’t a ladies’ man He is shy and not confident                                Self reliant                                He is lacking confidence                                He has long hair and would just talk

Sign Up For

I read about this popular sport in Alaska called iditarod which I didn’t know what it meant. It’s a sport that involves racing with sled, snows, mushers and 16 dogs. I also read about what Adam cooks. There was one

What Have I Signed Up For?

Twitter – We gather news and topics that we could possibly talk about during class. It is also useful for posting about our ideas and what we have read on a book daily.  Google ( Classroom, Document, Drive) –

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov)

Journey to unending path Where would this lead me? Glimpse of rejection With my low standards Surrounded by catastrophe   Judged and misunderstood Dark lies that questions my existence Is it worth to take this route? Anticipation for the finest

Ten Minute Spill

Fast moves, Small talks Actions speaks louder than words Behaviour is just an example That make it more difficult Limited attitude, But let’s not forget about gratitude Inquiry of justification To fix the complication Throw your pride into the northern

Figures of Speech- Sunrise on the Veld

Juxtaposition- “pity and terror” are words that doesn’t usually go together. Pity and terror took hold of the boy because he didn’t allow fear to take over pity, to help the buck.  Personification- “ the sound of the rustling, whispering

Word Craft- Sunrise on the Veld

Buck- A male antlered animals like deer that are big and powerful are called buck. The twitching buck that the boy saw was in deep pain. He was making decisions if he would stop the suffering of the buck or

Five Easy Pieces

His hands has that toned dark skin Dry and rough in every way The dried blood still attached And callus in all edges   His fingers were twitching Trying to hold on to the glass of water Like a lily

First Line Auction

Behind that pretty face, hides a mystery   In a world full of hatred and lies An ugly truth awaits All she have is herself   She dreams about the past And wonders how long it will last The guilt

Translation: Idea to Image

Wandering around the noisy street Shouting, shooting, and screams I hear Violents all over the place Broken pieces of glass scattered on the ground     I entered the dark alley of a tunnel And saw a shadow of a

Found Poem- The Terminal

Your country has suspended all traveling privileges on passports issued by your government Just be careful about the inspection process Are you afraid of Krakozhia? I help people with their immigration problems Customer service representative, report to Gate C42. What


    Blackfoot Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation in Montana, United States. It is located east of Glacier National Park and borders of the Canadian province of Alberta. There are about 9 000 people living on and near the

My Blueprint

My blueprint have surveys about who you are, your learning styles, personality, and interests. It guides us when applying for college and saving up money, and to look for an occupation. My blueprint helps everyone to choose their occupation in

Who Am I? Interests Survey

The result that I got after taking the interest survey is that I have  confidant interests. My two primary interest traits are social and conventional, I got 88% on social and 69% on conventional. Confidants are loyal friends, supportive, well

Who Am I? Personality Survey

My personality type is INFP, the healer, it means introverted intuiting feeling perceiving. INFP’s are positive and we follow our hearts when making decisions. We are emotional, and form strong connections towards the people, places, and things we care about.

Who Am I? My Learning Styles

After doing the survey it came out that  I am a kinesthetic learner, and I learn by touching and doing. I got 36% in kinesthetic, 33% in auditory, and 32% in visual learning. According to the informations about kinesthetic learners,

Who Am I?

Vince Lombardi said that “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Our identity and everything about us should represent who we are.  To know who we are, we should be able to answer

On the Sidewalk Bleeding by: Evan Hunter

  1.Who is the protagonist? Protagonist is the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text. Andy, 16 years old boy, went to the alley and he was wearing a purple

The Cornell Method

A Cornell Method is a note-taking system devised in the 1950’s by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University. It helps us to be organized when taking notes. On the top of the page we write the date, name,

My List of Words I Have Collected in Grade 9

Word: Definition Staggered- walk or moved unsteadily Cordoned -prevent access to or from an area or building Tumultuous -making a loud confused  noise; uproarious Rummaged -search unsystematically and untidily through a mass or receptacle Leering -look or gaze in an

Environment and Technology

This essay discusses on the major threats to the environment, our attitudes towards animal, and the impact of technology to humans and our lives. Sometimes it is okay to have fun but it could affect your health such as technologies

Should cellphones be allowed in classrooms at St.Jerome?

Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? It’s hard to believe but smart phones actually diverts our attention especially in the classroom. So I think no, cell phones shouldn’t be brought in the classroom because it affects other people

The Ghost of Graylock , Dan Poblocki

It was meant to be a place of healing, a hospital where children and teenagers with mental disorders would be cared for and perhaps even cured. But something went wrong, several young patients died under mysterious circumstances. Eventually, the hospital

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