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I love to listen to music because I am so not normal.

Central logic of Christianity essay

Throughout this different assignment we had to watch a video on Bishop Barron talking about what his opinion on God, holiness, participating in religion and more. His opinion could be far from the same as any other bishop or priest

Who Is Jesus Essay

This reading was again a lot shorter than the last one but it still had a lot of meaning and main points that really make you think. Who is Jesus and is he God? Why are people afraid to believe?

The Problem Of Evil Essay

  This reading was a lot shorter than the last but still had many different interesting ideas and points.  The problem of evil is the most serious problem in the world. Some people don’t choose to be evil, they just

The Reasons To Believe Essay

  There were so many different main or interesting points from the reading ‘The Reasons To Believe’ by Peter Kreeft. I personally have three pages of main or important notes on this story alone. It’s a very interesting story that

Julius Caesar: The Nature Of Heroes And leaders

  Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Every story has a hero or a leader, and villain. Every good story has that one thing that makes it a true good story. A really good story can be one

Julius Caesar: Written Parody Speech

Friends, fellows, enemies, please lend me your ears for the few seconds that your ears stay open for. I come to talk about a sport, not to play it. The game that is filled with competitiveness, evil even. The evil

Creating Site Based Enhancements

CHANGING THE THEME AND WIDGETS FOR YOUR SITE:  Go to the appearance option on the left side bar of your iblog dashboard, once your mouse is over the appearance option a few other option will show up beside it. click

Pictures within words 2

For this one I went through the exact same process as I did for the C’est la vie assignment. This one I chose to use English so that people didn’t ask me what it meant when it was said, like

Pictures Within Words

Everybody says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but whats better than that? How about a picture within words. This way then you can have both, a picture full of a thousand words and words with an unknown

Logo Creation: Bag

In this assignment I used the same logo and went through the same process as I did when heat transferring my logo onto a t-shirt. In the image below you see my finished logo that I created using the adobe

The Quandary

“Mackenzie” my mother called making me have to leave my room and end my call with my best friend Sarah, my mom is so annoying sometimes. “Mackenzie I have to go into work early today and I will be working

The Adventurous life of John Goddard: Responding to the profile

A) When someone is inspired or motivated to do something usually they wont stop try to accomplish that task until it is achieved. Almost anything can motivate a person into wanting to sit down one day and write a list

I’ve Got Gloria: Responding to the story

A) People have difficulty reacting to something they did wrong, can’t take responsibility for what they did that can cause major problems or be a “battle of wills” between these people. Most of the time the arguments or battle of

Hanna Written Response

Every person’s life in the real world can relate back to a fairy tale; when you lose your phone and someone finds it for you and they turn out to be the one you will always love just like Cinderella,

Logo Creation

For this assignment I had to create a logo for the business that I created. My business is called in the moment photography. for the first part of the logo I used one of the sunset pictures that I took

Search For Someone Else’s Perspective

For one of my final projects I chose to do one called Can you see what I see? In this project I had to take an image of an eye and another image, trace the second image and place it

Chimeratic Composition

For this assignment I had to take three different images (mine or someone else’s) and change the way it looks to make it looks like the most impossible image to ever exist. I followed the instructions from the assignment called

Writing About ”War”

War. Have you ever had a major fight with someone or an actual fistfight where your emotions take over and you can’t control yourself. Everyone has moments like that, just some take it way too far. The point where some

Unexpected Image

For this assignment I had to find an object that I could zoom into and take a picture of it so that someone would not know or not expect it to be what it really is. This assignment was called:

Goals I Want To Achieve

My Bucket list contains a wide variety of different places/adventures but these are just a few of my top contenders on my Bucket List.. Sources: pixabay andMarkus Spiske   Step 1: After reading the instructions provided, I clicked on

Photo colour adjustment

For my first assignment I decided to do the assignment called Colour changer  Step 1:  I took this picture with my iPhone, then I opened it in adobe Photoshop CS4 step 2: I changed the hue and saturation of the

Human Rights Violations

There are unfortunately so many human rights violations that have occurred around the world forever but one of the most well-known human rights violation in the world: World War 2; also known as The Holocaust. The Holocaust was one of the

The Unkept Promise

Moving from one school to another is very challenging, she had to pick up everything she had and just leave behind all her friends and family that she loved ever so dearly. Since she is part of the generation of

Presenting a song

Earlier this week we went through the song called Superman’s song written by Crash test dummies singer Brad Roberts. We chose what the differences were between Tarzan and Superman. Eventually we were given an assignment to choose a song and

Superman’s Song

A.  Superman: Mysterious Secretive Doesn’t quit Has the willpower to be  hero and not a villain      Tarzan: Not confident Self reliant Shy Savage, dirty        Strong and quick King of the jungle Has a brain Has a resemblance to

Useful sites for school

Google– A very genius search engine for finding research on your subjects or assignments. Most of the information is 100% accurate but not all.   Google classroom– the main site that is used everyday that you use the chromebooks. It

Sunrise on the veld: Figures of speech

“He was a small boy again.” (metaphor)   A metaphor is a creative comparison stating that something IS something else or an exact comparison. In this metaphor it is stating that the boy was a young boy again and no

Sunrise on the veld: Word craft

Incredulous- A person or their manner, unwilling or unable to believe something. When the story recites this unknown word it is used in a metaphor like “He thought incredulously” which means that he thought about something that made him skeptical about

So What

Relying on high school will get you know where Nowhere but the community college over there Some people think they can use their ego through school But soon realize that they won’t get anywhere in life. Life is right outside

I didn’t go on the ski trip poem’s

Poem #1 The war was raging with fire Which killed thousands of soldiers The sound of men crying out pain and exhaustion filled the air Drowning out all the screams were almost impossible Like a bad dream you could not

First line Auction

Poem#1 Love is desired by all but only acquired by some. Not all have the capability to let others into their hearts. Their hearts are weak and fragile, protected by brick walls. They are afraid to let the bricks fall

The Terminal poem

Through the window up ahead,  Sunlight glistening on the water’s edge. Stands proudly behind,framed perfectly. Her incandescent grandeur set against an Immaculate azure sky. His smile soon fades as he inches closer For there’s no water, no gigantic monument, No

My blueprint: Who Am I? Personality survey

I am a healer which means that I am: introverted, intuiting,  Feeling, Perceiving.               Healers are creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. I believe everybody is uniquely individual. I alway  focus my energy on remaining

My Blueprint: who am I? Interests survey

My interest type is the shepherd, which means that my two main interest traits are social and artistic. Shepherds like me are patient and generous with their time. They are drawn towards helping others. I am also imaginative and creative.

My blueprint: Who Am I? Learning styles survey

I am a visual-auditory learner, which means I learn the best by looking,seeing, hearing and listening. I do not learn the best through kinesthetic learning which means touching and feeling. I remember what I read, sometimes I do not but

On the Sidewalk Bleeding:Who Am I?

1.Who is the protagonist in the story? Andy is a 16 year old boy who was stabbed and left on the sidewalk bleeding. he is most talked about in the story and protagonist means the main character of any story

cornell notes. before and after

I think that Cornell notes are very useful because they can be organized and it will show you the exact key ideas and its meaning separate, so if you know the meaning and you don’t know the key idea then

Bottle rocket project

The fun has begun today as we started building our bottle rockets!   Tara and I both contributed to this project.  Supply list 3 two liter pop bottles pieces of another two liter pop bottle A badminton birdie scissors black gorilla tape we


School is one of the most astonishing and pleasing qualities of life. It helps us prepare for the future and teaches us about life skills and life expectations. Without school we would not be able to get a job, earn

should cell phones be allowed in school

  All over the world people generate different reasons why or why not cell phones should be allowed in school. Personally I don’t think cell phones should be allowed in school, simply because they are a distraction to children’s learning,

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