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Julius Casear

          Cicero Conspirator   Trebonius – Conspirator   Ligarius – Conspirator   Decius – Conspirator Offers to lie to Caesar to get him to where they will kill him      Notes:             


Pranks can be fun but sometimes they can be hurtful. I am part of a family that loves to play pranks on each other! Enjoy a few adventures that may or may not have happened in real life.   Once

I’ve Got Gloria Question

1.A Why do you think there is a battle of wills between Scott and his father? Scott doing the wrong thing that his parents do not want him to. 1.B What do you think will happen on Scott’s first day

John Goddard: Responding to the Profile

  1A. Why do you think her has spent his life trying to do everything on his list? I think that John Goddard has spent his life trying to do everything on his list because he wants to live his

Sledge Hockey

Sledge hockey is a sport that was designed to allow people who have a physical disability (with their legs) to play the game of ice hockey. Players are strapped into a two-bladed sledge. They move themselves with sticks spiked at one end and curved

Christmas chains

We went to the paper room to find red and green paper. Then we cut strips of paper. Take one red strip of paper and glue end to end. Take one green strip of paper and glue end to end

Hanna written response

During our study of the movie “Hanna“, we talked about “the Hero’s Journey”.  In this film, Hanna is a sixteen year old girl raised by her father in a cabin, in the Northern forest, far from other people. Hanna’s journey

Mom’s present

Email/Scan picture to your Gmail account Always open “ai” file first: Finder menu > Go > Applications > double click Ai > double click Ai Select “Print Document” Name document with “” ending Minimize screen (click yellow circle upper left


These are my volleyball pictures that I made into a collage. This my favourite sport to play. As a team we all have fun and work together to win. We all encourage each other to do our best no matter

Sheep Collage

I am in 4-H Sheep Club. I have been in 4-H for 6 years. I love sheep. They are Tammy Teyonna, Tess, Taylor, Livey. Here is a list of the steps I used to complete this collage: sent pictures to

Can You Spot the Differences?

  These are the steps to make your own game: Email 2 photos to gmail account Open email Hover pointer over photo; click Google Drive (yellow/blue/green triangle) Click Apps menu (6 squares; upper right grey menu bar) Select Google Drive

Moose Lake Visual

  Before  After Step 1:I took a picture on my phone and mailed it to myself. Step 2: Download adobe photoshop. Step 3: drag image from desktop Step 4: go back photoshop Step 5: right click photo, open with – photoshop,

The Trouble in Ireland- Human Right Violation

In the 1960’s the “troubles” began. Around the world people called it the Northern Ireland Conflict. The Protestants (Christians believers different from Catholics) in Northern Ireland had the best living standards- fun stuff, better houses, nice clothes, and good jobs.

The moved

I was born in Bonnyville and lived there for 10 years, then we decided to moved to Vermilion. I had my first communion with my best friend in Bonnyville.  When I stood with Father, he said to me,  “I won’t

Michelle that I know – Plot Diagram

Exposition Michelle has cancer and has been in the hospital for almost 2 months.Sad story. The setting is at a hospital at night. Rising Action Michelle felt embarrassed go to the dance. Brenda is a nurse and cheers up Michelle because she

Presenting a song

My voice recording: Skye’s voice recording:   It is easier to sing  a song and harder to read. Music help you keep a beat. When you read,  you read slow and when you sing, you sing fast.   Some of

website 4 school

Google- search up things that you don’t about. Youtube- listen to music and watching video and subscribe to youtube. Email- to see talking your friends Google classroom- to see what assignment Iblog- post to my assignment to Mr.Sader Docs- to

Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

Simile:A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid. Example: like glistening black water flowing through the grass.   Personification:The attribution of a

World Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Triumphantly – proudly, joyfully Vigilant – watchful, alert, wakeful Luxury –  treat, extra, frill Precious – high-priced, choice, rare Voluntarily – freely, without being asked Fastidious – very careful, picky, fussy Ecstatically – joyfully, cheerfully, crazy happy Reluctance – wavering,


Eileen and I The memories in people lives are important to keep loved one alive in our hearts and minds when they pass away. My granny was a teacher and her favorite subject was math. Granny loved to call me

Five Easy Pieces

She has very soft hands. She loves cooking, cutting carrots and stirring mac and cheese on the oven. The grease on her hands is from cooking. There is dirt under her nails from washing the potatoes. Life is always a

Ten Minute Spill

In Northern Alberta, people ski fast on the hill. Please put the plastic in the recycle bin. The data on your phone is limited. If you are not living on the edge, You are taking up too much room. If

¨I didn’t go on ski trip poem

The red tall men scared people with a knife, Saying mean, bad words, too. He stares at me with anger in his eyes. Fear races through my body, And the world around me starts to fade. Fading like the past

Emotional Landscapes

Driving in my brother’s truck Going to my Aunt Sarah’s farm. Deers in the pasture staring at me. Will they bound in front of Ty’s truck? Look at the big buck grazing on the grass! Birds flying in the sky.

Ode to a School

Giraffe art Crystal’s office Mr. Wheat teaching LA Little chair and little table for little kids Volleyball and basketball medals in the trophy case As shiny as stars in the sky.   Black, white, grey and red stripes on the

Idea to Image

  Sitting alone on my bed Dreaming 4-H grooming reserve championship Getting my drivers licence   The tall, red shape scared me! With a knife in its hand Being mean to people   Saying bad words A gun killing someone!

The Terminal Poem

Mumbles into the Phone, a tear runs down his cheek. “Anyways…thanks again for the other day.” I should speak to Mr Mercer. What are you trying to do. I liked it, Thank you.   It’s heavy to carry. What business

Who am I personality survey

I’m  overview personality because  are creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision.  

Who Am I? – Interest survey

My Contractor learning because they like practical, hands-on activities. Their curiosity, thoughtfulness and knack for problem solving are focused on real world uses. While they might be perfectly happy working alongside other people, Contractors like to work independently.

My blueprint

My blueprint is website that will help me to plan my future.  Some things that it does is a survey to learning about my personality. Another sick thing is that it helps me to find a career to get money so

Who Am I?

Who am I ?

 A personal motto or saying: try to love life a symbol that represents something about you; love for friends and family. your attitudes about yourself: kind your strengths and talents: lead, doing sports. your hopes and dreams for the future;

On The Sidewalk Bleeding

1 Who is the Protagonist? Answer : The protagonist is the leading character in a story. Andy is the protagonist in the story “On The Sidewalk Bleeding”. 2  What is/are the conflict? Answer: One conflict was that Andy was a

Cornell notes taking method

Here is my picture of my notes. after   before    

Rock Band Biography

Tessa Lazary Biography American Tessa Lazary is an award winning superstar in pop  music.  She has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. Synopsis Born in Idaho in 1989, Tessa Lazary began performing with the Runaways in 2002 for 5

Fort McMurray fire

Alberta declares state of emergency as Fort McMurray fire… — edmonton oilers now (@NHLoilersfan) May 5, 2016

the bar and went to the hotel and got ready for Andrew Wedding and Andrew got married to Bullied friends and had a baby girl and name Lily — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 7, 2016

I read today in my books is called paper towns by John Green and its about Margo and Quentin go to the store . — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 14, 2016

I read today It's called Paper Towns by John Green and it's about Margo went to Becca house and party and Quent … . — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 18, 2016

Paper Towns

I read in my book Margo and Quentin went home with the kids. — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 29, 2016

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