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The Reasons to Believe: Response

Why should we believe in something or someone who is greater than ourselves? In Peter Kreeft’s article “The Reasons to Believe,” one gets to explore the arguments that have been made throughout history in proving the existence of God and

How To Set Your Profile Gravatar

Log into gravatar, or sign up if you don’t have one. You can use your gmail account for this. The profile picture that you set for this account will follow you on comments, or what you post on a blog.

Enhance Your Blog

To enhance your blog, you can go to appearance and find many options. What I found on background shows to be the “blueprint” of your blog. You can get access to anything that is on your page, including the tagline,

Activate jQuery Colorbox

Go to plugins on the side of your dashboard. On the search bar, search up jQuery Colorbox. It should lead you to the page down below. Basically, there’s an activate button, which if you can see above, that I have

Themes and Widgets

To change the theme of your website, you need to first go on dashboard and click themes. It will then give you a page of different themes that you can choose from and customize from there. To create a widget,

Media Gallery

Must Haves

My List: Toothbrush pillow Hairties Clothes Water Shoes Backpack food sunscreen

Cereal Box Cover

The project can be found here. What I did first, was to create a coloured background. *This was the tool that I used to create the background. I then placed the images that I wanted for my cereal box on

T-Shirt Project and Stickers

If you saw my second project for media, which was a logo, I am going to use that for my t-shirt project. I am not entirely sure of what was done, but basically there were pixels within the logo that

Contradiction Creation

The assignment can be found here. For this media assignment, the idea is to contradict the image or theme that is portrayed. Since this is part of media, I wanted there to be an underlying meaning. After finding an image,


For this project I am going to create a logo. The idea is to make the world greener by doing our part with keeping up with composting and recycling. What I did to get the logo below will be explained

How To Poster

For my first media project, it ended up being a poster. What I wanted to advocate for is child education, and what I did will be explained below. I had ideas of how I was going to convey the message.


Hello Kitty Kitty

My inspiration Hello Kitty Kitty I’m using adobe cs4 as the editing software, and in this project I tried to play with the opacity I took some of the pictures I used from google. To get the same results, just

Your Dreams Out The Window

The inspiration for this project can be found on this page. Pictures I got from google              The whole project, I am going to use adobe photoshop CS4 and illustrator CS4. First, I cropped and erased

Opposite attract meme

The  assignment is to use animals that usually don’t get along, and making it into a hybrid. For the project, I am changing it a little to my preference. Instead of going along with the instructions, I instead created a scenario

Combo Photo

My inspiration for this project ComboPhoto Find two or more pictures for this assignment. I wanted to make a place, or a scenery. I first cropped out the bottom part of this image to get the ocean waves. I incorporated the

Warning Poster

For my first assignment I chose to create a warning poster Step 1: Find an idea that you want for the poster. I am thinking of doing a warning poster with a halloween theme to it. Step 2: I first

Figures Of Speech: Sunrise On The Veld

Pity and Terror Juxtaposition I wonder to myself, did he pity the buck, or was he in terror first?  How could we associate pity with terror, or terror with pity, or just the comparison between the two words. They are

Word Craft: Sunrise On The Veld

Improvised is an interesting word because to me, it defines what life is. In this story, we discover that the boy who had acted like he could control the world, was actuatlly carrying false pride. Perhaps in the beginning he knew that

An Emotional Landscape

A woman walks silently on the empty streets of downtown Her feet move endlessly to the front of a shabby house An emotion of sadness quickly flashed through her eyes As fast as it had appeared, it quickly disappeared A

I didn’t Go On the Ski Trip Poem

Poem#1 He laid on the cold ground, tears of pain streamed down his face as he looked at a picture A picture of his parents, those who are no longer with him today They lay at peace Sharing my heart

Five Easy Pieces

Her hands were long and slender Like she has done this before Not a flaw to be seen over the campfire They continuously moved intriguingly over the flame She held a rod over the flickering fire Her hands didn’t seem

Translation: Idea to Image

Where the sun beams, and the children sing Was once a place of memories The fading past of what had last, Turned into tears and pain years ago The remains of now, was just the sound, Of what had happened

Found Poem

Seen through a window up ahead, sunlight glistening beautifully off the Hudson Viktor carefully considers the question for several beats Busy, loud and dark in here A bewildered Viktor is led down a hallway past several doors, some open On

First Line Auction

Life is created with creativity, a vision It is what makes us happy at times, and often it is the very thing that breaks us down   It is a wondering soul that is trying to find a purpose in

Ten Minute Spill#2

Only through the ice snow that blew on my face Did I know that I was still alive My body numb, and my face was red   I heard from others that it was not easy trying to go northern

Ten Minute Spill #1

The voices were like needles poking at me It constantly reminded me of the pain It kept on coming waves, after waves   I started to vision it whirring around my body Laying on my back, I saw the sky

Who Am I? Learning styles

So I got 39% visuals which wasn’t too surprising because I kind of knew all along that I was a visual learner. What I didn’t know is that I was a little bit of a kinesthetic  learner which I never

Who am I? Interest

I got the visionary as my interest type, I have the ability to imagine in an engaging and imaginative way which turn my dreams into reality. It also say’s that I am supposed to be good leader which sometimes I

Who I am? Personality type

For the first survey I took, I got introvert, inuiting, feeling, and perceiving. It also included an in depth description of the personality. What surprised me the most was it said INFP’s are creative and artistic. If you were to know me,


So I logged in to blueprint and the first thing I noticed was the blue and white homepage. It gave me a little guide to which widget was which. On the side of the page was a sidebar with options

Who Am I?

This question is somewhat of a hard one for me because there is I am still trying to find what makes me, me. There are some unique characteristics that sets me apart and I, like everyone have dreams for the

On the sidewalk bleeding

1.Who is the protagonist? Andy was the name of the protagonist and he was a tragic hero. During his time in the story he was struggling to find what makes him Andy without the jacket. He’s coming to realization that

Cornell Method

The strategy is to help student’s with note taking and make it easier for them to study for tests and exams. For the last few days we’ve been taking what we know and applying it to the main idea. You

My list of words I have collected in Grade 9:

Word: definition Airplane hangar: a closed building structure to hold the aircraft Regal Bearings: Regal is an adjective that means acting loyal Mantelpiece: The structure of wood, marble or stone around the fireplace Affront: an action/remark that causes an outrage

Rocket Project

9/26/16 Today we are starting our beautiful rocket project. 9/27/16 Planning on what we need for materials. Materials: Duct tape 4 Pop bottles Paper Cardboard Scissors 1 tennis ball 1 bouncy ball Glue Gun 9/28/16 Instructions: step 1.  Kelly and

Spanish Project

  Moctezuma had made some awful mistakes that could’ve been prevented. One of them was to let the spanish troops into the city of Tenochtitlan and offering them a place to stay. He thought that by giving them rich gifts,

Twitter Essay

Twitter Essay Over the past couple of days, Some of us have been discussing questions that have to do with what’s happening in the world. On Twitter we get to share our ideas and knowledge on the topic that we


Explainer: How a perfect storm of conditions led a raging wildfire to Fort McMurray — The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) May 5, 2016

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