Scripture Reading


Counsel means to make the right judgment and the right choices, it is one of the gifts of the holy spirit.

The reading is about the Apostles being persecuted for preaching about God. The high counsel did not like how the apostles preached about god.

The council gift: They still kept preaching and praying about god even tho the high counsel tried to stop them.

Acts 5:17,27-39
The reading is about Philip wanting to get baptized but no one would tell him where to go to get baptized.

Acts 8:26-38
This Reading is about a young women who sent her maids out and 2 elder guys tried to command her or they would commit false accusations of her, but she refused, so sentenced her to death. She asked god for help and god took control of a young boy named Daniel, he convinced the court that they were lying and they were sentenced to death.

Daniel 1 3:15-62

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