After taking the survey it says that I would like to work somewhere amazing. With either amazing benefits, a huge salary, job security, or amazing teammates. Everyone has a motivation to do something whether its the reward after or the thought of getting the job done everyone has a motivation. I feel its a goal for me […]


After taking the survey, my top subject area was in computers obviously. The Class I enjoy most would probably be CTS as I get to use computers 90% of the time and I enjoy editing videos and using Photoshop. The main occupations that I think I would enjoy are Electronics Engineer, Robotics Engineer, and Video Game […]

My Dream Job

My dream job is to be either a Twitch streamer or Youtuber and record/ stream videos of me playing games with my friends. I think my dream jobs are very possible and with enough work, I can become them. My goal as a twitch streamer is to reach a total of 100 000 views and as a […]