Friendship Tableau

I think its important for spend time with your friends doing something you all like as it will positively affect everyone and make people feel a lot less lonely. I often spend time with my friends play online games which we all enjoy most of my friends enjoy fps which is great as that is the main type of game I play but sometimes we play other types of games, it usually depends on what we feel like playing. I think it is important to do this as much as possible as it should overall boost your confidence and make you a better friend.

I also think its important for when a large group of friends split off into smaller groups as I think ideas get shared more often and some of them have a higher chance of being used. I feel that with bigger groups there tends to be a group of people that give most of the ideas just based on their popularity and not actually on the quality of their ideas. I also believe its important to do this quite often as decisions and ideas will be more diverse and unique.

The idea of having new people or members joining a group should be important as it will often make thing more creative and diverse. Many time these people are not greeted the best and don’t always feel welcome. I believe that any new member should be welcome strongly as the overall positivity of the group will be raised. If a person is being treated badly then why should they be in that group in the first place? I don’t see a respective welcome as a privilege but rather as a basic human right.

When a person in a group does something successful that is worth celebrating it should be, say if a friend in your group passes a hard exam, congratulate them. The positive feeling you get when someone acknowledges a success you have will make you happy which will, in turn, make the rest of the group happy. And I don’t think there is a better feeling than doing something important and succeeding at it and sharing your happiness with the rest of the people in your group.

Arguments, every group has them, some maybe more than others but these will usually negatively affect the rest of people in the group which can sometimes even break a group and destroy the friendships that make up the group. Even know arguments are bound to happen its always better to peacefully resolve them then to start a fight as fighting will only make it worse and nothing good will happen, half of the time it will even start more arguments which will lead to more fighting and so on. The best thing anyone can do during an argument is to  solve it peacefully with words


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