The Revive Retreat

The Revive Retreat by Pure Witness was a cheerful presentation with the main topic being centered around god. A key phrase that was used often during the retreat was when they call out “Revive my heart” then the audience would call back “Renew my soul” which I thought meant several reasons such as belief in God and he will help you or reinforce your faith in God and he will forgive you.

The retreat included several smaller presentations/plays. There was one that I thought was particularly different, it started off with four people standing 1 started to sing and the others left him and grouped up, one of them tried to get the others to drink what I assume was alcohol, one of them choose to drink and the other refused, she then left the group and sat down and started to cry she, another person dressed in a white robe came to her and did this hand motion like he was pushing away the bad problems from her, she then got up at went to the guy who was singing and started to sing with him. The next thing to happen was the two other girls had a fight and one had left and she then started to cry, once again that same person did the hand motion and pushed away the bad problems in her life he then led her to the group that was singing and she joined them. The last thing to happen was the last girl was alone and she had begun to cry, for the last time the person came back and did the hand motion removing her problems from her, she then came to the group that was singing and asked if she good join they gladly accepted her and they all began singing. my assumption was that they were singing and praising God and the one person that removed their troubles was Jesus, I think the main message in the play was that if you believe in god he will help you through all of your problems.

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