Postulates Of Faith (Opinion)

A key question that was asked this week was “Can something come from nothing?” At first, many people including me were stumbled and perhaps maybe even confused on the actual question itself but after discussing it a little further I think it began to shape itself and the answer became a little more clear. The main example used was that everything was trying to get away and away from everything. This idea reaches from microscopic atoms to huge planets and stars, and that they all are moving farther away from each other. In a large scale, most gravities that are not in a gravitational pull on each other are being split farther and farther apart and knowing this at some point it either had to be so close it was nothing at one point or it came from nothing.

After this classroom discussion we’ve had this week, I have taken a few ideas from it, some of these which I have challenged. Several of the ideas that have been put out during the discussion has made it hard for me to truly understand any religion. I’m not one hundred percent sure on how religion works with science and it’s hard for me to see religion being a key part of how the world works but I think there is still some sort of all seeing being that has created the world.

Another question that I thought was a bit challenging and I’m sure others did to was that if humans had an immortal soul or even just a soul in general. I found it easiest to believe that there is something there and that it that is immortal but I’m not sure on what I believe will happen to it when the human body dies. I know many people believe that there are a heaven and a hell and that if you don’t follow and believe in go that you will hell. I might just be me but I find it very hard to believe in something that there is no physical evidence and that many of the people that say they have been to heaven and came back could be just on drugs or they could have simply made it up.

The last key question that was asked was “Do humans have free will?” This question seemed pretty easy and it didn’t take time for me to come up with an answer. However, after taking a little more time to think about this question a few thoughts have come to my mind. Do we really have a free will? I’m not just talking about from others but from this being that has the power to create worlds from nothing, so do we really have a free will? I’m not even sure and there are several bits of possible evidence such as the ten commandments and that if you don’t follow God you will be sent to a world of hate also know as hell. I mean if these statements and ideas are true is there even a choice, I personally don’t think so and even know I’m, not a strong believer in religion I still think that if it were the Catholic idea of god that he wouldn’t send anyone to hell as they state he cares about everyone and we are his people and he is our leader, is it not the leaders job to protect everyone to the best of their capabilities? If he can create worlds wouldn’t he want everyone to be saved and feel no pain after they have passed?

Anywhere in the world, you could go and if you were to bring up religion it would become controversial, and it’s not because religion is bad or good its because there are so many ideas on what truly created the world and how it actually started. In my opinion, religion is a very touchy topic and maybe even the hardest to explain and understand. I still feel that no one has truly got religion a hundred percent right and that whatever created this world would have revealed itself to everyone if it really wanted their praise.

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