What Does It Mean To Be Human

Being human, what does it really mean? Human beings are the most intelligent species known to man, and that the reason why they are so smart, not because they can think or solve problems, but because they are self-aware and realize they are not the only species on this planet, I personally don’t think that animals can understand what they are, they have one basic mindset, finding food and reproducing to make sure the species survives.

Humans also seem to be the only species that feels guilt, and this guilt comes from actions they chose to do it. I really don’t think there is another species that chooses to do something a certain way because they want to. The human species has been around for about six million years and they have been inventing things to help or ease life’s problems ever since they started, humans are the only species that has invented something. Many people may argue that there are animals that invented things, for example, the beaver created dams or birds makes a nest, but are those really classified as inventions. I personally don’t think so because they didn’t design it a certain way it just happens to be an adaption they needed to survive.

Humans are the only known species to believe in religion, this belief that there is some powerful thing that controls, and made the world is one of the main ideas that make us human. The fact that we believe in something that is so powerful it can create worlds and that there is an entire “paradise”  that you go to after you die, that is if you follow this being and do what he wants. Religion, in general, is a collection of ideas that could have easily been made up, there is no way to know exactly if it is real or not all you have is your belief. And that’s one of the biggest things that make us human, belief. There is no way to find out yet but I personally don’t think animals or any other species we know about has a belief.

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