Although I go to a Catholic school, I’m not a Catholic or even a Christian. I’d like to think of myself as a person of logic, with no physical evidence I cant see myself believing in any of it. Now some may say that there is a lot of proof but whats stopping them from making it up, cause if you look at it people want something good to look forward to after death but I’m not really buying it. There is nothing in the way stopping them from making it up. Hope drives the heart, why wouldn’t they want to believe in some sort of afterlife, or a “God”. I also see religion as a decoy to the thing that could be more important, for example, world hunger or the homeless people in our countries. Even know many of these religions seek out and help with problems like world hunger, I really don’t think they are helping solve it, there just using precious time to praise this god. Many will judge from that statement but there are a few ideas that challenge religion in general such as if a god existed why would innocent people be starving or dying like really would it really punish the innocent for living in a poor country? Also wouldn’t he want us to use the time praising him for something to solve these problems? I really don’t see how anyone can believe in something that wouldn’t solve these problems.

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