As in the Beginning

In the physical world, having scars or lost limbs would be a huge factor in destroying our wholeness and the only time you really are 100% whole is at birth but even then it’s hard to understand if you really are. In the spiritual world being close to the being or beings of your religion would be a great way to stay whole, praying is also a decent way to be whole.

I think that the ¨man¨ is described in a way to make you feel sorry and that if you were to lose something or someone it would affect you for the rest of your life. It could also mean the risk for the reward, risk being losing something or someone and the reward being wholeness


The tone in the first nine lines seems to be a neutral tone simply stating something but after the first nine lines, it seems to become a lot more depressing as if the something had died inside the ¨man¨ and he´s no longer fully himself. It after that it kinda gets joyful for a few lines then it changes to a sad tone again.

I think there is a lot of feeling in the lines ¨When the hands are my father’s hands¨ and ¨it makes me cry although my pen must keep scratching¨ an easy answer to the to as why I would consider these line the most powerful lines in it would be the fact that the line saying he is crying and is in a fairly depressing tone. It might be implying that the ¨man¨ is God and that he lost something important, which I could only assume would be Jesus but he really isn´t gone he is in heaven but it could also mean that some people lost faith in him which meant he lost them.

I think the title represents the ¨man¨ was whole in the beginning, believes in God, prays, etc. but then as he started getting older he lost faith in God and started becoming farther apart from him, and then when his life comes close to an end he starts getting close to him again and he realises his mistakes.

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