Gaining Yardage

It is quite obvious that Arlo and the speaker are friends as there are several cases where he labels him has his friend. A good friend is someone one who is honest and trustworthy and is there when you need them. But friendship is not a one-way thing, you also have to be there for them. Being Friend can be the most important thing to someone if they need it, many people who are depressed can usually use a good friend that is there for them, it could help them a lot.

It seems their friendship is not the best but there is something there, I think that it means that you don’t have to be exactly the same for them to be your friend, you can have differences and still be good friends. I think that the best of friends are almost completely different as then they have to compromise on thing making it better for them both.

In the last two lines, it seems that their friendship is forced and the only reason they’re friends is because they live close to each other. I don’t think that is the only reason they’re friends, they seem to get along decently well from what I have read. The jargons I in the story seem to be from a football profession. The first being a quarterback, the term is used as a name for a position on the offensive line. The second term used is fumble which is a term for when a player drops the ball while running it. The last one is a touchdown, which is a term used when some get to the end zone.

The poet uses an excessive amount of pronouns in his poem, there is basically a pronoun in every line which isn’t that bad but there is a lot of them. An easy fix to his problem would be giving it more transitions in the place of some of the pronouns. Being able to move from the end of one line to the start of the next using a transition instead of throwing in he or she, will make it look a lot better and not just dragging on.

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