The New House

There is no proof that a person exists beyond the physical level but I believe there is something more to the human, it being possible for life to exist spiritually. Although there is no proof of anything can exist spiritually there really no proof that it doesn’t either. It’s really all down to the person whos answering the question and is independently their own belief and no one else has to believe in the same answer you do it’s simply just a belief.

The first lines bring the question, was there any sort of abuse in the house? The next line suggests that if an obvious question being if there were couples or families did they lose the love they had, perhaps ending in a divorce or breakup? And the last question that comes to mind being of the last few lines is what sort of impact you will leave behind perhaps on the house or on the world?

I think the idea behind the title could use the house as a representation of the world and the new part being the new places you go and the changes or ideas you leave behind there. It should be important to everyone to leaving a long-lasting good impact on the places you go and people you meet. For all we know we only have one life, why not make it count?

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