Create Your Own Logo

As a starter assignment, I chose the Create Your Own Logo assignment.

Next, I went on google search and looked for a starting image to go off for a logo. I decided to use the logo of one of my favorite heroes from the game Overwatch, Soldier 76. After searching for a few seconds I found this image and decided to use it as a base.

I started by making a square that was the size of the background next I changed the color to the closest shade of blue I could get.

Next, I made a white rectangle a shaped it to the correct size and shape using the Direct Selection Tool.

I copied this step to make the rest of the white shapes.

Next, I copied and pasted the white shapes, then changed to color to the closest shade of yellow I felt like getting, and then used the direct selection tool to make change the size and fix the details that neede to be done for it to fit with the white shapes.

I then copied the yellow shapes and used the Direct Selection Tool to size it down and size it down and fix any errors form changing the size. then changed the color to a close shade of red.

Together that looks like this.

Next, I used the Direct Selection Tool to shape another rectangle and then used the Eye Dropper Tool to get the same shade of yellow I used before

Next, I made another rectangle, rotated it and shaped it to fit along the line I needed.

After adding that I played around with the shapes until I placed them how I wanted it to look.

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