Poster Assignment

For my second assignment, I decided to go with the motivational poster assignment. My original idea was to use an icon from one of the operators in my favorite game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige, and put one of their quotes under it, I first thought about using the operator Lesion but later I opted for […]

The Rules Are All We Got Left

During the fifth chapter of The Lord of the Flies, Ralph and Jack are having an argument during one of their meetings, Jack is angry at Ralph and is beginning to question his authority as chief. As the argument goes on Jack begins to say that because people chose Ralph to be chief it shouldn’t […]

The New House

There is no proof that a person exists beyond the physical level but I believe there is something more to the human, it being possible for life to exist spiritually. Although there is no proof of anything can exist spiritually there really no proof that it doesn’t either. It’s really all down to the person […]

Gaining Yardage

It is quite obvious that Arlo and the speaker are friends as there are several cases where he labels him has his friend. A good friend is someone one who is honest and trustworthy and is there when you need them. But friendship is not a one-way thing, you also have to be there for them. Being Friend […]

As in the Beginning

In the physical world, having scars or lost limbs would be a huge factor in destroying our wholeness and the only time you really are 100% whole is at birth but even then it’s hard to understand if you really are. In the spiritual world being close to the being or beings of your religion would […]


Although I go to a Catholic school, I’m not a Catholic or even a Christian. I’d like to think of myself as a person of logic, with no physical evidence I cant see myself believing in any of it. Now some may say that there is a lot of proof but whats stopping them from making it up, cause […]

What Does It Mean To Be Human

Being human, what does it really mean? Human beings are the most intelligent species known to man, and that the reason why they are so smart, not because they can think or solve problems, but because they are self-aware and realize they are not the only species on this planet, I personally don’t think that animals can understand […]