September 2nd. Im alon with my mastur now. The plan shall continu to forage, my masturs acwantice was tryin to murdur me some might say. A poor ratt I am. Fed by the clock, a drug, almost like I am a ratt of a test. Discoverd some books in the shelvs of my place, I am unlocking the messages locked within. I reed of  patterns, numbers, thinkin, feelin- such intrestin stuff for me. I canot stay here like this, trapped by him, the sientist. Freedum is what I aim for, freedum is what I wil receve.

September 9th. Thee deranged sientist kept me locked in for lots of days. I hated thee kage n had two breakfree.  Today I used the masturs own mind agnst him. The plan is on trak- I caste my wish into the old well. Thee only kee to the valt is now gone lots of feet into the earth. I no thee sientist will jump into the old well to retreive his belonging. I hope thiss will work n I will finally b thee one in control- alongside some new found females.

September 10th. There has been lots of commotion inside my home this afternoon. Early yesterday morning I heard the retched squeal of that oblivious, uneducated rodent- the man of the island calls Barney- echoing through the air. The scientist says that he is part of a study and that he must be kept solitary. This Barney must be rather clueless. There are many females like I around here, for we have lived here with the others of our type since youth. I am beginning to see why it is valuable for us women to live together, men are obnoxious and oblivious.

September 11th. I am beginning to think that this Barney is more cleaver than the scientist may think. His new found intellectual curiosity, as the the master says, might have actually lead to him to something valuable, me may have gotten the best of all of us. The inconsiderate rodent has lead the island man to his doom, an act of revenge or betrayal.

Apart from the denseness of Barney, I hope that he discovers me. I am in need of some male attention- after all these years. I have seen him through the clear walls of the building he was once confined in. Unfortunately, he has never noticed me. What a shame, I am such a beautiful and intelligent female.

September 11th. Thee islnd is now quiet. My former mastur is trapped- as I once was. I, the most serperier ratt is in- charge. Hopefully the females I have recuested will arriv soon. As I await their arrivel I am busy preparing myself and headquarters for them. As soon as they arriv they will find themselfs with me.

September 14th. I have had a rather shaking experience, and once in contact with Barney for the first time I have found us woman inferior. I will admit he seemed to play the hero’s role in saving us lonely woman from our guilt, however now I view him as nothing but a cheat. We are all trapped, locked in a cage. He begins to torture us, harass us, use us for his own pleasure. The majority of us are ashamed to have exposed ourselves to him in his time of desperation, with an exception of those who have no dignity. Perhaps we are part of his study now, he is the new man of the island.

September 15th. I for once have been proved wrong. I am usd to feeling right, as I was always outsmarting the sientist. Those females have taken control of me, their leader. I am now traped doun here in this well. I have been conned by the ones I thought  I    had control of. I was    superior.

September 16. Poor Barbra is dead and soon I shall be the same. She was a wonderful rat, so much beauty and elegance. Without her my life would not me the same. If you are to read this, I request that you do not disturb anything on this island but leave it as a shrine to Barbra. Do not look for my body as it will be sent into the sea. I will request one last thing, that you bring a couple of young rodents as a memorial to the dearest Barbra. Bucks- no does. I had forgotten how it feels to live with freedom. Please help me in my request to keep this island alive. Do not disturb anything when you bring the rats, only males.





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