Alberta is burning today, strength emitted from the flame

chaotic exodus, indescribably painful to experience.

A war zone, bullets made of heat,

bombs of ash which explode sending remnants of our memories abroad.

We have lost everything,

except fear and grief.

Things we have worked so hard for,

sent away with everything else in the flame-

our livelihoods, future, success.

We grab ahold of the hand of our neighbour,

there is more good than bad in the world.

From tragedy comes strength,

our city is now destroyed.

There is a terrifying beauty to this fire,

it emits a glow so powerful and distinct,

an ever changing disaster.

Nothing of the past remains.

The road which sparked economic might

is now a life line to safety.

All that is left are memories,

pictures, stories of a place that has brought prosperity to so many.

Now smoke remains of an entire neighbourhood.

The past vanished ,

light of day concealed by the dark of night.

Hopefully tomorrow will come.


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