Technology is our plug to the world. As humans we need to feel connected, like we belong. The short story “The Veldt”, by Ray Bradbury highlights the issue of connection. The family of four, lives in a house created to make their fantasies become a reality. A “Happy-life Home” that caters to all of their desires- their imagination. If we begin to take advantage of the devices and advancements we have, it will create a challenge to our survival.

Shae Collins tweeted about fantasies and reality, Breanna Maughan replied.

The fantasies of technology pose a threat to how we perceive the world around us. It seems as though we are always in search to find the better, the bigger. Through technology we can feel connected, comforted and acknowledged. However, it is possible that we are loosing site of the things that are real. Society gets so caught up in their desires that they under- appreciate the miracles that are going on around them. Much like the crystal walls that confined the nursery in “The Veldt” from the rest of the house, our fantasies. A crystal, an object so pure and strong. As humans we are trapping ourselves inside our own guilty desires, and try to compensate our wrong doings by pretending that they are pure. Like Ketchup on a burger, we disguise our guilty fantasies, our flaws by covering them up. It is evident we are in search to find the things that are real, but simply can not and will not.

What happens when something becomes too real? When something becomes too real, we try to give it away. As humans we spend all of our time attempting to acquire the things that are real, the things that are right. We seem to want most, the things we can not have. In “The Veldt” George and Lidia- the parents- want perfect children. However, when things they had been dreaming of became ‘too real’, like having the perfect child, the perfect house, the perfect home- they ended up pushing it away. The things that were supposed to be right, were all wrong. The children would go into the nursery to feel lost- to be taken by their imagination, their fantasies. However they just ended up being called “filthy creatures” by their own father. The whole family was loosing themselves to a reality they had created.

Being human does not mean that you have feelings and opinions. It means that you are challenged by these feelings and opinions. How you feel about the environment does not affect the environment. It is our actions which make a difference. Humans are being broken by their own thoughts, minds, secrets and desires. If all human life was to leave the face of the earth, the globe would heal itself. We are a product of our environment, the environment is not ours. Everyday we are run by the technologies we have, we are limited by the obstacles we have created. We fear being alone, but seem to always create structures and technologies to make us more alone. Media prompts us so buy into the materials which make us anxious. Out of pride, money and foolishness we conform. Society is guilty and will not accept that are flawed. Like flickering shadows, our emotions flash from black to white. One moment we are satisfied, the next moment we are in deep despair.

Like Shae Collins tweets here, our surroundings can change based on what we want to see. Often times, humans live in an optical allusion that their minds and imaginations create by themselves. What happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. Humans suffer from their fictitious illusions and expectations of reality.

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