The TED Ed video above relates to the first chapters of Sophie’s World. The video discusses the question we have found ourselves relating to throughout early stages of the philosophical story- Who am I? If every-part of theseus’ boat was replaced with an identical piece, would it still be theseus’ boat? Due to the fact that we are changing everyday, our personalities, composition of our bodies (skin) are we the same person as we were when we were 2 years old? ┬áIn the first chapter, Sophie receives a letter in the mail, asking the question “who are you?”. This has not only made her think, but us as an audience think as well. Are we the same person we were 5 months ago? 5 minutes ago? Or even 5 seconds ago? If we were to look in the mirror and evaluate the reflection, would it be an accurate representation of who we thought we were? Maybe. If we were to change our name or hair colour, would we be the same person? Probably, yes. But why?

As humans we have a soul, a body that is capable of so much more than any other form of life on the planet. We can love, hate, create, destroy, evaluate, make decisions. Our physical being is not what makes us who we are, it only expresses who we are. These are two totally different things. Think about it as food- the appearance(expression) of a green smoothie is very deceiving to the overall taste(what it is) of the smoothie. What we look like can sometimes be a false representation of who we are below the skin or beyond the shape of our bodies. We can change physically, emotionally, spiritually, but because this changing is constant and persistent- we are the same person as we were when we were 2 . Represented differently, with different values and beliefs. Because of experience our innocent bodies have been poisoned.

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