A. About Me

What are your dreams about the future?  My dreams about the future include getting a job in the career of choice (good paying), owning a house that I design by myself, getting married to a man who I love unconditionally and having two children- a boy and a girl.

What are your values? I value honesty, respect, commitment, accountability, positivity, thankfulness, happiness, fitness, health- just to name a few.

What are your interests and hobbies?   I enjoy dancing, rowing, lifting weights, yoga, running outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, discovering new places- travel, hiking, cooking and working outside in the summer.

What are your personal qualities?   I am outgoing, funny, kind, compassionate, committed, empathetic, interactive (involved in many activities) , loyal, trustworthy, adventurous, enthusiastic.

What are your transferable skills ?  My transferable skills include problem solving, communication skills, motivation( myself and others), and leadership skills- being self motivated and being able to get others involved without being embarrassed.  I also think of myself of being a team player.

What is your career focus (Are you naturally drawn to a specific career? Some careers that interest you and why?)  When I graduate high school I plan on getting a four bachelor degree in Physical Sciences, from there I will continue four years to become an occupational therapist, specializing in paediatric occupational therapy. I believe that I found my calling to this last year when my parents were in the hospital at U of A. I was walking down the hallway to dad’s room and there was a little girl tied into a stroller with a cast on each of her legs. She was crying saying how much it hurt, I could feel her pain. From this moment I had a feeling that I needed to work with children and assisting them to get them back on track to becoming a healthy human being.

B. Create a Collage




Find my Creative picture collage on VSCO at the link below (be sure to use the arrows at the bottom of the VSCO profile page to view all of the photos in my photo collection.  http://vsco.co/breannacalm2016-17/images/1

C. Reflection Questions

Answer the following questions to support the collage you created.

What do you like about your collage?– It represents the way I live. It includes pictures that I have taken over the past year.
What do you not like about your collage? I do not like how it does not include any videos. My life would be represented much more accurately with a couple of videos, maybe a dance video, me playing guitar/ singing, a video of my laugh or a crazy video of me and my friends.
What sections do you want feedback on? If my collage represents how you see me, or if it only represents how I see myself.
What values are represented in your collage? My values of adventure, laughing, hanging out with friends/ family and experiencing new things.
What bias is represented in your collage? A bias that having a fun time is better than working.

D. Feedback Questions (not finished yet)

Share your collage with several classmates and have a look at several of their collages. Answer the following questions:

What are the similarities? Janyl: We both seem to enjoy sports, guitar, and adventure. Shae: We have both put a more creative twist on the original collage. We both enjoy fitness and eating healthy.
What are the differences? Janyl:Our choice of sports (hockey and volleyball VS dance and working out). Our career choices are also different. Janyl aspires to be a nurse, I aspire to be an occupational therapist. Shae: 
What do you admire about the other person? Janyl: I admire her determination and her ability to live free. She enjoys all she does and can make the best out of most situations, Janyl is compassionate and understanding. She puts time and into the things and people she feels would enable her to live a happier life. Shae:
What did you learn from the other person? Janyl: I learnt that she LOVES pineapple, and that she wants to have a family in the future. From the collage it seems as though she wants one child. Shae:
Where you comfortable sharing you work? Why or Why no? Janyl: Yes, I was comfortable sharing my work with others. I chose images that represented my life on a day to day basis. Every image was real, and was one that I had taken. If I was not comfortable sharing an image, I did not include it within the photo collection. Shae:

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