Who Am I?

Who Am I?

No matter what people say I am, I am me. You can not change me. I have made choices in life that have got me to where I am now. I plan to make a great life for myself and I plan to die a very impressive, independent women and people will know me for me and not anyone else.

I am the protagonist and antagonist of my life. I have this little person or voice in my head that tells me things and I don’t know if I should listen to it or not. When I was little I asked my mom what that little voice was and she never really ever did tell me what that voice was. Later on as I matured I found out that was my conscience but I refer to it as Mini Me, kind of like Dr. Evil. and his little replica everyone has one I’m sure and if not then to bad for them.

Recently I have learned the term “existential crisis”. A brief definition of existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life or whether this life has any meaning. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in an existential crisis. But if you really think about it, lots of people probably have thought about it once or twice in  their life. One thing I always wonder about is why we have all these things. Like why did God give me brown hair or why did the make everything look like it does? What is God’s plan for me? Who is God going to give me in my future?

People always tell I’m special. Whether they mean special in my own good way or if they mean that “Wow… you’re pretty special aren’t ya?”. To be honest I don’t really know be either way I can get a laugh or two out of it. One thing that I know I have is a sense of humour. I know it’s not the best humour but sometimes I even laugh at myself. I think I’m unique in my own way because I know there is no one else like me. I asked my friend what he sees in me and he said “I see a very caring, passionate, smart, unique, understanding person!”. I never would have thought that someone saw all that in me. That’s exactly what I want people to see in me.

Everything I do seems like a conflict in my life. Whether I do something good or I do something bad, I feel like there is always a conflict. The definition of conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. I always am debating on whether I am wrong or not or if I am doing something wrong.

After I wrote these last few paragraphs I actually realize what I can write and what I have learned. One of my classmates was reading over this essay and they said they would’ve never thought to write that. That is just one example of what I can do. I believe that everything I do in life has a meaning and that God wants me to do that and that is his plan for my life. As I always say “Whatever floats your goat!”.

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