Clash of Observation

A battlefield shared between two colors 
The odd chance of peace or misery 
Astonished by the acceptance of afros and tie die 
But in reality, man must have dignity to do so

A throbbing heart only being held together by revenge
Common denominator gets misunderstood by words that are said
Accidents and lessons go hand in hand
Reality of chance can only be a miracle

Self implanted, imprisoned waiting for a precise consequence 
Gunfire between two enemies that were once allies
In time, winners and losers share a victory
Beloved, guarding you through insanity

Innocent reflection flailing for something important
Tears, injury, love only last a small period
Everyone wants forgiveness but will not give it
Intensity of timing has power

Falling with no intelligence to grip onto
Becoming uncertain of existing in one’s self
A member of the almighty will overcome every image brought to the human eye
Wings and a halo are the only things that guard us from everyday confidence


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