Cruelty isn’t a personality trait. Cruelty is a habit
A habit that everyone has but no one realizes they have
Humanity exclaims it doesn’t want it
But yet does nothing to resist it

Humanity is unequal
Judging, misunderstanding, could end in a false conclusion
Jealousy and shrewdness leads to a harsh impression
Judgement leads to judgement

We aren’t the only ones
On this sphere, there is more than just the human form
They don’t barely understand us and we still continue to treat them horrendously
Be at the better end of the stick, treat them how u want to be treated

Variety goes a long time 
Wee little distractions that we catch
No one looks at the whole picture without noticing the imperfections
Whether annoying or adorable, we always notice  

Pick and choose but will never know
They will say one but will tell you another
Diplomats, Logistics, Defender, Adventurer, Entertainer
We associate ourselves with people like ourselves


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