Exotic Rocks

Always around and about 
Never a dull moment 
Talking like a parrot
Doing work without hesitation

Rough looking hands with a gold wedding band
Chubby and hairy
Rugged ones that are fairly wore in
Working hard for the ones that matter 

Walking around with hands unseen
Rarely revealing them
Sees something interesting 
But yet doesn’t convince them to make an appearance

Callanish stones are knives sticking up from the ground
Puncturing through the heart of one
Deceived by her lover
But yet doesn’t do anything about it because she takes it as a 
challenge to prove herself

Questioning him why they were really put there
Gives me the look as if he didn’t quite understand
“I don’t know, maybe because they liked the way they looked.”
Yet doesn’t know the real meaning of it all


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