Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

Example of Simile

  • “With arms and legs and fingers waiting like soldiers for a word of command.” Comparing the small thing on the while also describing the full body. Your brain tells your body to move certain parts of you body like it is in command.

Example of Metaphor

  • “The weight of water, and diamond drops sparkled on each frond.” The diamonds represent beauty and luxury. This show that anything can have beauty even if it’s very simple.

Example of Alliteration

  • “Stumble over a skull or crush the skeleton of a some small creature.” In a day we will stumble over lots of things and crush multiple tiny things such as insects but half the time we don’t even realize.

Example of Paradox

  • “Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep.” It is somewhat absurd how he is vigilant but he still laid relaxed

Example of Personification

  • “The bush woke in song.” It isn’t possible for the bush to wake in song.
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