CTS Hybrid Assignment

The hybrid assignment I have done is taking a combi nation of different animal parts. I first found some photos of different animals. (moose, tropical bird, goat, and a lemur tail)

I put all of these photos into Adobe Photoshop CS4 and i used the lasso looking tool to cut out each piece of each animal in order to put the hybrid together.

(the third tool down is the tool I used)


After I put the moose head on the original photo (the goat was the photo I used to be the base for all my layers), I manipulated the focus of the head to match the goats body using the skew option. To do this I used the edit menu and clicked transform them used the scale to enlarge the photo but I had to press shift so the photo wouldn’t go wonky. After that I used the rotate option to rotate the head and peak to fit nicely together onto the hybrid.

The end product is a hybrid with a goat’s body, a moose’s head, and tropical bird’s peak, and a lemur’s tail.

Brenna’s Moatopmur
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