The Reasons to Believe

The Reasons to believe

The title presents a question that could be taken multiple different ways depending on your opinion on God. Whether you are a believer of any religion or an atheist, you still believe something. God has multiple names whether it be the official names known by the religions or the ones that have been made up by believers of that religion. Everything is designed a certain way. You could believe that God designed it or that it was “some thing” that did it but where is your explanation for the designer of that design? Through many discussions and arguments, you will always have a reason to believe.

If you were to ask an atheist what he or she believed, they would simply say there is no God. In response, you would ask then what is the first cause? Atheist really don’t have an exclamation beside the “Big Bang”. According to a source, states, “the universe as we know it started with a small singularity, then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today.” A word that was brought up in our discussion was the word strife. The definition of strife is to be angry or to has a bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict. This could be a word to describe the conflicts between a believer and non-believer. God is the only one who can create out of nothing. There is no one in this century that has proof that there was a big bang and there is actually no one in all of history that was there to witness that there was a “Big Bang”. The Big Bang idea is just a thought that someone had, but could it be possible that that idea was put there by another being? In a perfect world it would be that there was just someone smart enough to state that and maybe even proof that but it’s not true because no one is capable of that without having some prior education or information proposed to the before that. When a baby is born, it is constantly learning. Throughout time, someone that would try to propose that they are true about the Big Bang is true and did happen, somewhere along the way they would more than likely be given that idea from someone that would also believe that but just couldn’t say it to the public as they were unsure how someone would react to it.

In the world of religions there is multiple gods known. Whether it be ilāh from the islamic religion, Yahweh for the jewish religion, or even god is the catholic and christian religion. Some of the names that were said in our discussions were the first mover unoriginated origin, primal fireball, universal mind, unseen divine mind, min, and worker. No matter what the name, they all relate back to the one higher power. Without God, there would be nothing. God was the “first mover”. God made the first move to make the world and everything that exists in it. The unoriginated origin in other words is uncreated creation. It’s hard to think about but God was always here. He is the creator of everything known to mankind. Universal mind is like saying he is the central mind to everything. He is the center of every idea known to man. Unseen divine mind means that there is a God but is not known to man but still knows everything that goes on in his world. Worker simply means that God is a worker for every one of his children and will not stop eloping and caring for us. All of these names given are all indicators of what can and will be forever. God will never change and will never stop loving us.

Why believe that all design implies a designer?  The google definition for design is “purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object”. God gave the world purpose. The world did not just happen by accident, it had a purpose. We talked about how no other creature besides humans can ask questions or go into depth on one certain subject. If you were to really think about how everything started, God is thought to be a human and therefore would be able to think in depth on a subject, which would be the earth itself and every little detail about it, including humans. In an article I read recently said that the human mind is the only thing that has named itself. I personally believe that we did not name our brain but God has put that idea in our heads. God has a plan for every one of us and all of us have a different path but in the end will all end up with God.

With all the discussions we were apart of, there was always questions that were asked all could be narrowed down into the three main points; if you believe in God, if a design implies a designer, and the many names for God and what they mean. Whether you believe in God or not he will still accept you no matter the race, skin color, or religion. The main reason to believe is so that you can be with \In the words of David Sader, “every spec of reaction is spontaneous.

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