Web Design-Holy Grails

Go to my blog Click themes Choose a theme and activate If you want to change it, go to customize. (there will be a list of things that you can click on and adjust) I.e site identity-site title is “Brenna’s Iblog” I.e colors-purple, black, grey Go to my blog Click widgets The available widgets will […]

Illustrator T-shirt/Cutline

Choose a photo and put it in Type what you want Use magic tool to select all letters- press and hold shift to select all at the same time Edit, copy in photoshop Edit, paste in illustrator Select all then click inverse (this will select the opposite of what you first selected) Add another layer […]


Be patient Mr. Navorski I’m going back home But yet stands frozen Beyond those doors, is American soil As he says that, the doors close America is closed Dark and loud in here The screen shows a sleepy town Soldiers marching through A single white flag hanging out of an upper window Strains to hear […]