Web Design-Holy Grails

Go to my blog Click themes Choose a theme and activate If you want to change it, go to customize. (there will be a list of things that you can click on and adjust) I.e site identity-site title is “Brenna’s Iblog” I.e colors-purple, black, grey Go to my blog Click widgets The available widgets will […]

CTS Camp Poster Project

The camp poster project is to make a poster an advertisement of some sort for a camp you went to as a kid or to make a poster for a camp you wish you had attended. I used the BeFunky photo editor/collage maker  https://www.befunky.com/ The camp poster I made was for a photo taking camp. The […]

CTS Hybrid Assignment

The hybrid assignment I have done is taking a combi nation of different animal parts. I first found some photos of different animals. (moose, tropical bird, goat, and a lemur tail) I put all of these photos into Adobe Photoshop CS4 and i used the lasso looking tool to cut out each piece of each […]