Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Exulted- show or feel elation or jubilation, especially as the result of a success. Convulsively- producing or consisting of convulsions. (convulsion is a sudden, violent, irregular movement of a limb or of the body, caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence of certain toxins or other agents […]


Be patient Mr. Navorski I’m going back home But yet stands frozen Beyond those doors, is American soil As he says that, the doors close America is closed Dark and loud in here The screen shows a sleepy town Soldiers marching through A single white flag hanging out of an upper window Strains to hear […]


As old as the cliff Fit as a shoe Without a cloud in the world A pearl in a oyster shell Soft as a cloud You sneeze on me, I sneeze on you Strawberry pureé is thicker than water The mother goes before the son The gold of the earth A needle in the fabric

Exotic Rocks

Always around and about Never a dull moment Talking like a parrot Doing work without hesitation Rough looking hands with a gold wedding band Chubby and hairy Rugged ones that are fairly wore in Working hard for the ones that matter Walking around with hands unseen Rarely revealing them Sees something interesting But yet doesn’t […]


On a Sunday with white napkins Raspberries scorched by the sun In the soft toughs in the grass Along the highway Drops of rain in the thorns of roses Leaf by leaf mindlessly falling quiet and pure Eye of an Indian pony Pasted the barbed wire Snails converse over and over Mindlessly murmuring Without love […]


Cruelty isn’t a personality trait. Cruelty is a habit A habit that everyone has but no one realizes they have Humanity exclaims it doesn’t want it But yet does nothing to resist it Humanity is unequal Judging, misunderstanding, could end in a false conclusion Jealousy and shrewdness leads to a harsh impression Judgement leads to […]

Clash of Observation

A battlefield shared between two colors The odd chance of peace or misery Astonished by the acceptance of afros and tie die But in reality, man must have dignity to do so A throbbing heart only being held together by revenge Common denominator gets misunderstood by words that are said Accidents and lessons go hand […]