On The Sidewalk Bleeding Assessment Activity: Who Am I?

Hello my name Bodyn Riley, I am a grade 9 student that currently attends the school St.Jerome’s. St.Jerome’s is a Catholic school located in Vermillion Alberta, this school extends from Kindergarten to grade 12. This essay is about my hopes and dreams, my strengths and talents for the future, and what I like most about myself.


To start off the essay I thought I would talk about my hopes and dreams. My hopes and dreams are pretty simple and also realistic, so I’m not going to be talking about getting a pet dragon. One thing that I really want to do is get good at chess. Chess is a very hard game to play and to master, and I don’t want to master I just want to be a good player. I’d also like a big house in my future, somewhere I can go to. Now I know what you might be thinking, but why does it have to be a big house, and I’ll tell you, because no house is too big but there can be a house too small. And the final thing is to get rich. Now there are multiple ways to be rich but I was thinking money-wise so I could go on vacation after retirement. I want to be rich so I can explore, go places, learn new things, and to get a lambo. These are all my hopes and dreams about the future, and like I said, realistic and simple.


My strengths and weaknesses are of course up next on the list with the first one being chess. I like to think that I am a well advanced chess player so I put chess as one of my strengths. Like I had said before chess is a very difficult game so to be good at it is very hard, and the fact that I have gotten good is enough for me to put it into my strengths. Another thing that I am very good at is hockey. Now I’m not very good at offense in hockey and I’ll admit that, but I am good at defense in hockey. Since I can push people to the ground without a huge struggle and poke a puck with my stick so I’d say I’m pretty good at defense.


To finish off all of this I’ll say all what I like most about myself. The thing I like most about myself is my positivity, my ability to be up even in the low times. I like to think that by me staying positive I help others stay positive.  Another thing I like about myself is how funny I am, now some people will say that I’m not funny but they’re lying.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper


What are the typical problems facing teens these days?

  • Boyfriends, girlfriends, and social media are probably the biggest problems of teens today.


What’s wrong with saying “what’s wrong with teens today?”

  • I really don’t think anything is wrong with it.


How are you better and brighter than your parents’ generation?

  • If you look at your parents’ yearbook you could see one way.


How are the troubled students in more trouble than those of your parents’ generation?

  • I’m not too sure how they are they just kind of are.


When did women get to vote in Canada and the U.S.A.?

  • America: August 20, 1920.
  • Canada: 1921 but all racial groups of women in Canada didn’t get to vote until 1960.


Have you ever “Left your campsite better than you found it?”

  • Yeah, I have because I always try to, so through seeing people better when I leave I would say I have.


“Connect the dots.” What does that mean in your school?

  • Put things together, figure out what needs to be done.


How many times could you listen to “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone?

  • I could listen to it at least 6 times.


Do you know an adult that believes in you more than you believe in yourself?

  • No, I don’t.


Do you know someone you believe in more than they believe in themselves?

  • Yes, I know lots of people who I believe in more than they believe in themselves because it seems people just fill themselves with self-doubt.


What is a “Happy Camper?” How can you spot them?

  • A happy camper is someone who tries to put everyone in a good mood, a happy camper is someone who’s always supportive, and will always leave with it being better than they left it. Happy Campers are fairly easy to spot, they’re the people who are always trying to set others in a good mood.


What is the pledge of the “Happy Camper?”

  • The pledge of a Happy Camper is to make sure that everyone else around you is as happy as you are.


How will you know you are a “Happy Camper?”

  • You will know when you’re a Happy Camper if have taken and live up to pledge of a Happy Camper.

Commandments of the Church

1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation.

2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.

3. You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least once during the Easter season.

4. You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.

5. You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.

From what I understand, the commandments of the Church were put in place to make sure you can maintain a healthy relationship with God while still helping the Church. It is there to make sure you have safe passage into heaven and are allowed to go to heaven in general. As for the medieval way of the Church, the commandments were there to make sure they could make money by having people pay tithes and buy indulgences they also tried to maintain control by having everyone not talk to the excommunicated. There was also a belief put into play that if you do not follow these commandments you go to hell.

Bonus: The Holy Days of obligation Christmas Day and the Feast of Mary, Mother of God.


 Independence is being able to make your own rules, not being set down on what you have to do each and every day, being able to have your ideas put into action, and not having someone always telling you what to do.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the Lord your God: you shall put me before all others .
  2. You shall use use the name of your Lord only in good manner.
  3. You shall not forget the Sabbath but instead remember it and keep it holy.
  4. You shall not disrespect your mother and father.
  5. You shall give life instead of take life.
  6. You shall only be with your wife or husband.
  7. You shall only take what is yours.
  8. You shall tell only the truth against your neighbour.
  9. You shall want and love only your own wife.
  10. You shall want only what is yours and not your neighbour’s.

The Tenth Commandment

The connection between these three verse is detachment from material things. By saying blessed are the poor it’s saying they’re blessed because they do not need the material items, and by saying you shall not covet anything that belongs to your it is saying do not want material items for you do not need them.

To help the poor yourself you can donate to a local charity for example Hajjah Naziha Islamic Charity, your school can set up a fundraiser, your local community can set up a volunteer service to help, your province can try to provide more jobs, and your country can also try to provide more jobs by building factories.


Language Arts – Deepens the understanding of literature using writing/typing, reading, and plain talking 

Business – It’s pretty straight forward on what business means, it helps you deepen the understanding of how a business works by using thing like a business class.

Science – Science helps your understanding of basic scientific concepts and how they’re related to your life with topics like, biology, chemistry, and straight up science class


Being the Visionary means that you can very easily explain things and you are very convincing, It also means that you’re energetic, willing to take risks, perfectly fine in a crowd, and don’t like to be limited.