Independence is being able to make your own rules, not being set down on what you have to do each and every day, being able to have your ideas put into action, and not having someone always telling you what to do.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the Lord your God: you shall put me before all others .
  2. You shall use use the name of your Lord only in good manner.
  3. You shall not forget the Sabbath but instead remember it and keep it holy.
  4. You shall not disrespect your mother and father.
  5. You shall give life instead of take life.
  6. You shall only be with your wife or husband.
  7. You shall only take what is yours.
  8. You shall tell only the truth against your neighbour.
  9. You shall want and love only your own wife.
  10. You shall want only what is yours and not your neighbour’s.

The Tenth Commandment

The connection between these three verse is detachment from material things. By saying blessed are the poor it’s saying they’re blessed because they do not need the material items, and by saying you shall not covet anything that belongs to your it is saying do not want material items for you do not need them.

To help the poor yourself you can donate to a local charity for example Hajjah Naziha Islamic Charity, your school can set up a fundraiser, your local community can set up a volunteer service to help, your province can try to provide more jobs, and your country can also try to provide more jobs by building factories.


Language Arts – Deepens the understanding of literature using writing/typing, reading, and plain talking 

Business – It’s pretty straight forward on what business means, it helps you deepen the understanding of how a business works by using thing like a business class.

Science – Science helps your understanding of basic scientific concepts and how they’re related to your life with topics like, biology, chemistry, and straight up science class


Being the Visionary means that you can very easily explain things and you are very convincing, It also means that you’re energetic, willing to take risks, perfectly fine in a crowd, and don’t like to be limited.