Gimp – Spot The Differences

Original Photograph.

The first change I made was the beach ball in the top left corner I changed the colour from red to yellow.


I got the yellow colour I used for it from the yellow steamboat using the colour picker.

The second change I made was removing the man on on the boat which was very easy. I took the clone tool simply put the background on the man.

The third change I had made was the old woman’s shoe from blue to green which is a very small change considering the size and the colours chosen.

The fourth change I made was the sailboat located in the middle at the very top of the horizon And all I did was erase it by cloning the sky onto it.

The Fifth change I made was the old man’s hair colour from grey to blue.

The final change I made was was removing the the “explosion” from the large beach ball

These are all the changes I made in the photo graph.

Final Photograph.

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