Hanna Written Response

  • Is there someone who acts as her guide?
      • What is a guide? A guide is a person who advises or shows the way to others.
      • Who could be Hanna’s guide? Why/How? Erik Heller could be Hanna’s guide because he trained Hanna for survival.
  • What force represents “fear of change”?
      • A force is something that pushes or pulls you to do something. Hanna show that she has a small fear in her since she hesitated to press the switch on the box.
  • What 3 elements (details) represent the supernatural?
      • Supernatural means beyond understanding; superhuman; or magical. Details that represent the supernatural are:
        • Hanna speaks multiple languages. For example English, German, and Spanish.
        • Erik Heller swam to Germany across the ocean
        • Erik Heller fought 5 CIA by himself without a weapon
  • What is a “threshold”? What thresholds has Hanna crossed?
      • ”Threshold” is when the hero crosses into adventure, leaving their world and enter into the dangerous unknown.  Thresholds that Hanna has crossed are:
        • When the CIA take Hanna from the cabin in the woods to the CIA headquarters.
        • When Hanna escapes from the CIA headquarters into the desert.
        • When Hanna runs from the van to the container yard and Isaac and his henchmen chase her.

Stage 2: Initiation

  • In her “new world” what challenges or tests help Hanna to become more self-reliant? How does she “adapt”?
      • Hanna becomes more self reliant, or independent when challenged or tested by Sophie when she wanted Hanna to be her wingman with the Spanish boys from the campground.
      • She adapts, or changes by letting Sophie make her “fashionable” she goes from wearing arabic clothing to makeup and Sophie’s clothing.
  • We have met a “Goddess of the new world”.  Who is she and what makes her a “goddess”?
      • The “Goddess of the new world” is Sophie.  A “goddess” is a female with great beauty and charm.  Sophie is well dressed and cleaner than Hanna.  She has sass and is not scared to try new things.
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