L’ve Got Gloria Responding To The Story

Why do you think there is a battle of wills between Scott and his father?

The battle of wills between Scott and his father is that Scott is not taking responsibility on his own and that he flunked math class.


What do you think will happen on Scott’s first day of summer school?

On the first day of summer school Scott will feel nervous about what he did. Scott  might  show signs  that he sorry to Mrs. Whitman.  


 In your journal, write about  an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

A day that made my life embarrassing was when Mr. Sader told me to stop making bad passes. It was at practice. We were dong a drill in groups of three. Mr. Sader shouted, “Restart!” Then he showed me how pass correctly in front of the whole team. They all laughed at me. It’s all good now but at the time I was embarrassed.


Scott describes Mrs. Whitman as “mean, freckled face, with glasses over those hard little green eyes.” “With the small, pursed lips, the mop of frizzy red hair topping it all.”  She is “not everyone dream teacher.”  

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