The Adventurous Life Of John Goddard

Why do you think her has spent his life trying to do everything on his list?

  • John Goddard has spent his life trying to do everything on the list so he would not feel that life has passed him by when he was in his forties.


Imagine yourself at sixty-four. Describe what you think your life might be like.

  • In the age of sixty-four my ability to move will be slowed, my reflexes will be sluggish and   I might have blurry eyes. I may be retired from working and live with my beautiful family in Hawaii..  


List ten things you would like to do or accomplish before you’re forty. Realistically, which ones do you think you will do?

  1. Go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Learn to windsurf
  3. Get a Lamborghini
  4. Build or buy my dream house
  5. Visited the Great Wall of China
  6. Kayak
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Go river rafting
  9. Ride in  a hot air balloon
  10. Go to the Olympics    


If you had to choose between a life of far-off adventure by yourself or staying in one place with friends and family, which one would you choose? Explain your choice.

  • I would choose to stay with friends and family because if my family needs help I’ll be there to help them.


What do you think of the goals listed? Which would be the easiest to accomplish? The hardest? Why?

  • I think John Goddard’s goals listed is great but the easiest in my opinion is to parachute jump. By reason that doing parachute jumping sound fun and I like to try new things even if they scare me. The harder one would be to climb the Matterhorn. The reason that I do not recommend it is if you have never tried before do not attempt without a qualified guide. You need the ability to be agile and sure footed. The peak of the mountain looks very terrifying. The climbing is mainly on rock, however the upper section is usually snow and ice. The most difficult sections have fixed ropes.


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