Amelia Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1897. She was  daughter of Samuel  Stanton Earhart and Amelia Otis Earhart.  As child Amelia spent long hours playing with her sister climbing trees, hunting rats with a rifle, and “belly slamming”. When she got older Amelia served in World War I as a Red Cross nurse aid in Toronto, Canada. After the war she returned to United States to go to Columbia University in New York as a premed student.   

Amelia Earhart was the first American female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. In January 1921, she started taking flying lesson.  She paid for those lessons by working as filing clerk at the Los Angeles Telephone company. As she was saving her money she purchased her first airplane. She nicknamed  the yellow airplane the canary”. On December 1921 Amelia Earhart passed her flying test lessons and earned a natural Aeronautic Association License.

June 1, 1937, was the first day Amelia Earhart took off from Oakland, California to fly around the world. She flew to Miami and down to South America, across the Atlantic to Africa, then east to India and Southeast Asia.  When they (who was with her?) reached to Lae, New Guinea on June 29. When they reached Lae they had already flown 22,000 miles and had 7,000 miles to go before reaching Oakland. After Earhart and Noonan filled the plane up with gas at Laethey left for Howland Island. Amelia and Noonan lost connection with the U.S. coast guard and disappeared. President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved a two-week search, but they were never found. On July 19, 1937, Amelia Earhart and Noonan were declared lost at sea.  


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