My motivations survey came back with the number one result being, Support, A keystone adds the support that an arch needs in order to its job, bearing weight. Like an arch, when we’re given support, we gain additional tools or assistance and that can help us perform our tasks at an even higher level of excellence.  My second title is relationships.  We all form relationships with other people. Some are good, some are not so good. When we work and interact with someone, no matter how frequently, we form a relationship with them. It’s difficult to imagine any circumstance, at work, at school, in person or online, where we don’t form a relationship of any kind.


Father Joy’s first visit

We met Father Joy today and he said he is from a place called Kerala in India.  Did you know that Kerala is smaller than Nova Scotia?  Nova Scotias’ square kilometers is 55, 284 and Keralas’ square kilometers is 38, 863. Did you know how many people live in India?  Well, there is 1.339 billion people living in India in 2017. There are more people living in India than there is Canada.  Exactly 3 India’s can fit in Canada.

Father Joy went on explaining a little bit about himself and his family. Father Joy’s sister is now a pediatrician in a hospital still living in India.   He has 4 brothers and a sister, his sister is a nun and she left home when she was 18.  He did not explain anything about his brothers but he did say that is parents are still both alive and they are 85 and 84.

Father explained that he knew he wanted to become a priest because he loved helping people and helping them find God.  Father explained that he talked to his sister a lot about it because she is a nun and she knew what he was trying to say.

Father Joy has been a priest in two different places.  He has been a priest at St. Thomas More Catholic Parish and St. Theresa, Edmonton.  The religion in India is very big.  There are so so many different religions in India.

Education in India is very different than in places like Canada or the USA.  Education is provided by public schools in India.  You would be interested to know that Catholic Schools in India invite No-Catholics to their school.  free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Over the years India has got a better education system.

Healthcare in India is also different than healthcare is most, healthcare in India is different because India is not a very rich country, therefore they can’t afford everything.

This is the church that Father Joy now works at:


This is Father Joy:

Image result for Vadakkan Poulose





          When I took this test on My Blueprint, my top result came back as Social Science.  I am a 100% Social Science person. It shows that I like to learn about the world and the aspects of life.  The topics may include History, Geography, Law, and Politics.

The second topic that came up was Physical Education.  It says that I am a 94% PE type of person. Physical Education courses have helped me understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences. Being physical can help both my physical and mental health.  

The third topic that came up was the Business. I like to have a job that includes money and math. Work in an office would be an example. It says that my Career Clusters would be Human services.  This cluster involves working with families, individuals, couples, and communities, and helping them manage issues through counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services. 

I would like to help people find what they need in life or help the look for a job or something along those lines because I am a very social person.  That is something that I did not know I would be interested in untell I took this survey. 

I would also like to do anything with sports, whether that includes being a coach, physical trainer, or be a manager of a college sports team.  It would also be really cool to be a Lawyer or and person that deals with laws.  The survey says that I am 100% a Social Science person and that fits perfectly into that category. 

The survey also says that I like to learn about different languages and how to speak them.  Language courses help me develop communication skills in a different language. Topics may include: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. English courses help you develop my English language skills and gain a deeper understanding of literature. Topics may include Reading, Writing and Communication.

I also like science, it is cool to learn about the earth, bodies, and chemistry.  Science courses help me develop an understanding of basic scientific concepts and how they relate to other parts of your life. Such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the Lord your, God:  you shall not have strange Gods before me.    ~I am the Lord your, God: you shall have me as your only God

2.  You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.      ~You shall speak only good of God.

3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.          ~You shall not forget to keep the Lord’s day.

4. Honor your father and your mother.       ~You shall not disrespect you, mother and father.

5. You shall not kill.    ~You shall keep living things alive.

6. You shall not commit adultery.    ~  You shall leave married people alone to their spouse.

7. You shall not steal.    ~ You shall leave other peoples thing alone.

8. You shall not bear false witness
against your neighbor.                                       ~You shall be truthful to your neighbor.

9. You shall not covet
your neighbor’s wife.                    ~You shall leave your neighbors’ wife alone.

10. You shall not covet                   ~You shall leave your neighbors goods alone.
your neighbor’s goods.

My Interests

My results are 77% Investigative and 77% Enterprising.  The survey says that I am a bit of a Consultant person.  Under the Investigative category, it sys that Investigative occupations involve working with theories, concepts, information, and ideas. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, analysis, and science are typical activities in Investigative occupations.  Under the Enterprising category, it says that Enterprising occupations often involve the world of business. They regularly involve starting and driving new projects. Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership and management skills and the willingness to take risks. 

I feel that the poor people that follow God, that are kind, do not steal should have better.  The ones though that are mean and steal items should be punished but still, forgive.  Everyone can be poor in spirit because all of us do not have everything and all of us are not the best.  Everyone is poor in spirit.  Some good wishes would be like helping others and give back and wishing.  every person is able to give back and help the poor.  I think that everyone in their own way helps the poor or thinks about helping the poor.



Thou Shalt Not Covet




My Learning Styles.

I am a 37% auditory listener, a 34% kinesthetic, and a 29% visual learner. I personally like to listen to a book rather than reading them in my head or I like to read out loud. I was also taught to read out loud rather than in my head, my mom would not let me read in my head because she thought I would learn better and become a better reader by read out loud and ever since then I have always like to read out loud. Being a 37% auditory listener you might like to listen to auto-books, podcasts, hum or talk to yourself while you are studying, and enjoy reading out loud. Some study tips for auditory listeners are:

  • Record yourself reading your notes and listen to them
  • Talk to someone about the topic
  • Repeat the information with your eyes closed
  • Listen to recorded media related to the subject

A tip to being a kinesthetic listener is to take breaks while talking and make slight gestures to when you read and talk to others.

  • Use flashcards
  • Study short pieces of work at a time and have breaks

When you are a visual learner you could:

  • Close your eyes during class and visualize
  • Underline or highlight main topics
  • Create an image in your brain to help you imagine the situation
  • Turn concepts into charts and diagrams

My Personality

When I took this test my results for Energy said that I am almost straight on in the middle of Extroversion and Introversion but a little bit more on the Extroversion side.  The Extroversion category says that I am

  • Comfortable in groups
  • Enjoys socialising
  • Likes to be are around others
  • Enjoys the spotlight
  • Speaks their mind

The Introversion category says that I am

  • Likes to be in small groups
  • Does not like to be the spotlight
  • Does not like to talk SO much