My Learning Styles.

I am a 37% auditory listener, a 34% kinesthetic, and a 29% visual learner. I personally like to listen to a book rather than reading them in my head or I like to read out loud. I was also taught to read out loud rather than in my head, my mom would not let me read in my head because she thought I would learn better and become a better reader by read out loud and ever since then I have always like to read out loud. Being a 37% auditory listener you might like to listen to auto-books, podcasts, hum or talk to yourself while you are studying, and enjoy reading out loud. Some study tips for auditory listeners are:

  • Record yourself reading your notes and listen to them
  • Talk to someone about the topic
  • Repeat the information with your eyes closed
  • Listen to recorded media related to the subject

A tip to being a kinesthetic listener is to take breaks while talking and make slight gestures to when you read and talk to others.

  • Use flashcards
  • Study short pieces of work at a time and have breaks

When you are a visual learner you could:

  • Close your eyes during class and visualize
  • Underline or highlight main topics
  • Create an image in your brain to help you imagine the situation
  • Turn concepts into charts and diagrams
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