Father Joy’s first visit

We met Father Joy today and he said he is from a place called Kerala in India.  Did you know that Kerala is smaller than Nova Scotia?  Nova Scotias’ square kilometers is 55, 284 and Keralas’ square kilometers is 38, 863. Did you know how many people live in India?  Well, there is 1.339 billion people living in India in 2017. There are more people living in India than there is Canada.  Exactly 3 India’s can fit in Canada.

Father Joy went on explaining a little bit about himself and his family. Father Joy’s sister is now a pediatrician in a hospital still living in India.   He has 4 brothers and a sister, his sister is a nun and she left home when she was 18.  He did not explain anything about his brothers but he did say that is parents are still both alive and they are 85 and 84.

Father explained that he knew he wanted to become a priest because he loved helping people and helping them find God.  Father explained that he talked to his sister a lot about it because she is a nun and she knew what he was trying to say.

Father Joy has been a priest in two different places.  He has been a priest at St. Thomas More Catholic Parish and St. Theresa, Edmonton.  The religion in India is very big.  There are so so many different religions in India.

Education in India is very different than in places like Canada or the USA.  Education is provided by public schools in India.  You would be interested to know that Catholic Schools in India invite No-Catholics to their school.  free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Over the years India has got a better education system.

Healthcare in India is also different than healthcare is most, healthcare in India is different because India is not a very rich country, therefore they can’t afford everything.

This is the church that Father Joy now works at:


This is Father Joy:

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