The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

           A Riddle is a question or statement intentionally phrased to puzzle someone.  An unsolved riddle is an awful burden, that we all try to escape.  We can all get caught up in our everyday lives thinking about a question.  The further we think into that question we get confused and we wish there was an answer to it all.  “Why do I have legs”, “how do humans breathe”, “why do we only have 5 fingers and 5 toes”?  We all wish that there was a way that we could solve all of the awful burdens of unsolved riddles.

            The most three common pets in the world are, Birds, Dogs, and Cats.  Yup, birds fly, dogs run and cats purr.  Why do cats purr?  Well, no one actually knows why cats purr.  Most people think it is because they are relaxed, but there is more to that, than just and human scratching your ear.  Think about it, cats don’t have a reminder that goes off in their head that tells them to purr, they just do it.  Did you know that kittens learn to purr when they are only a couple of days old?  When the kitten purrs, it is an indication that the kitten feels comfortable around the person that is with.  When the kitten is with its mother it indicates that they are bonding.  Kittens not only purr when they feel relaxed but they also purr when it is injured or in pain.  It was once thought that purring was produced by blood, but reachers soon found out that the internal laryngeal muscles are the likely source for the purr.  There is also an absence of purring in a cat with laryngeal paralysis.  The muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the space between the vocal cords, which results in a separation of the vocal cords, and thus the purring sound. Studies have shown, that the movement of the laryngeal muscles is signaled a unique thing in a cat’s brain.  Sometimes cats purr when they are hungry, reachers have discovered that cats purr differently when they are hungry.  When the cat’s purr for food, they combine their normal purr with an unpleasant cry or mew.  Remember, you should not be scared if a cat purrs.  It might like you.

        A fingerprint is an impression or mark made by a person’s fingertip.  It is very uncommon to have two people with the same fingerprint, but it is common for identical twins to have the same fingerprint.  Why do identical twins share the same fingerprint?  Well, fingerprints are formed semi-randomly as a thing called the fetus that develops in the womb.  It is common for twins to have similar fingerprints but they are never the same.  “It’s impossible for people to have identical fingerprints,” said Mr. Jones, who works as a private consultant in Summerfield, Fla. “The study of fingerprints has been around for about 100 years, and in all that time, two people have never been found to have the same prints.”  The patterns of your fingerprint are formed with in the first 5 months of pregnancy.  So don’t be surprised if your twin has the same fingerprint as you.  It is just the way you were born, but still, no one exactly knows if all identical twins have the exact same fingerprint.  

        Have you ever eaten your food way to fast?  Did you get heartburn?  Did you burp?  Sometimes we hiccup.  Most people hiccup from time to time.  It can be very uncomfortable and even embarrassing.  Hiccups usually don’t last that long but some people have “the hiccups” for longer than 10 minutes.            So why do we hiccup?  A hiccup is a result of a muscle spasm that happens when a person breathes in bursts of air, drinking too much or eating to fast.  We know what hiccups are, but not why they occur. Each of us has a flat plate of muscle just beneath our lungs, separating our chest from our abdomen.  It’s called the diaphragm, and it helps us breathe, when it moves downward, it causes the lungs to pull in air through the nose and mouth.  And when it moves upward, it forces air out of our lungs. The movement of the diaphragm is directed by the brain, which sends signals down nerves that end in the diaphragm.  A hiccup occurs when the brain sends a signal for the diaphragm to shift forcefully downward, suddenly pulling a lot of air into the back of the throat.  The sudden change in pressure causes a narrow area in the throat to temporarily snap shut.  Why the brain sends the signals that cause hiccups, however, is a mystery.

        Why do fingers and toes wrinkle when left in water?  Our skin is covered in a thing called sebum.  Sebum is oil made by our bodies.  It is found in the outermost layer of our skin.  Staying in the water will wash away the Sebum.  Then, the water can penetrate the outer layer of your skin. This causes your skin to become waterlogged. So how does this lead to wrinkles? For a long time, people thought the water caused the skin to swell up and get puffy. Now researchers believe wrinkly fingers could be an autonomic nervous system reaction.  It’s easier to pick up wet objects with wrinkly fingers. Wrinkles on your fingers may give you more grip, kind of like treads on a car tire.  So don’t worry kids, staying in the bathtub too long does not mean that you are getting old.

          Unsolved riddles make us all mad, but solving them makes it easier to think.  Being stuck on a riddle you can’t solve for hours can be very frustrating.  You would be surprised how many people spend time thinking about questions we can not solve.  It is very frustrating, and it is like we can’t escape this awful burden of unsolved riddles.




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