Identify a Good Read

Have you ever thought to your self “I am rich”, but then have you ever compared yourself to someone that actually knows what they are doing with their money?  It happens to all of us, we get 20$ from babysitting and suddenly you feel on top of the world.  Humans are like that, we get excited because we would know that we have something and we are nothing.

I thought this article was very good because it was very organized and informative.  The 3 main ideas in this article were very well-ordered and superior.  This article was about a woman that did not have masses of money.  This woman was with her then-boyfriend on a trip to Hawaii.  She talked about how she was a photographer and how she loved to take photos.  She took photos of things she had never seen in person before, and many things that she had yearned for.  She took photos of sunsets, palm trees, beautiful roads.  She was inspired by the beautiful things she had seen and she wanted to keep that memory.  I really liked how she wrote about what she loved and the beautiful things she saw in her eyes because it reminds you of what is important in life and to cherish every moment you have living.

The second thing she talked about was, how she ended up in Hawaii.  This was her first trip, and it was in the year2009.  Her boyfriend wanted to go on a vacation somewhere tropical and she wanted to go somewhere interesting and informational.  Her boyfriend had mentioned Hawaii and she thought it was an amazing idea.  She also talked about how her boyfriend started basing his life off of alcohol and he spent a lot of time at work but still did not make much money.  I thought this topic was very detailed and it makes her story more clear about how she made money.

The last thing she had talked about was, how never ended up becoming “rich”.  She explained how her taxi driver said she had come a long way and she even was able to pay for a Hawaii trip.  She said that she would never look at her bank account and think that she was ever rich.

In conclusion, I was really shocked by the end of the story.  I felt very empathetic for the women I don’t know or have even ever met.  Sometimes we have to think to ourselves and think that we are really lucky people.  We have to love everything in our lives and be grateful for everything we have.  We all have to keep pushing ourselves to be better people.


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