The Car of my Dreams.

Oh my Goodness!  Have you ever look at a car and think ” that is the one”?  Well, let me tell you I think that every time I see a Jeep Wrangler.  Most of my friends think that they are the ugliest thing that they have ever seen, they say that it looks like a square.  I disagree, I think that Jeeps are the coolest, and let me tell you why.

The first reason I think that Jeeps are the best is their durability.  Jeeps were designed to be “off-road vehicles”.  The Jeep is able to with-stand bumpy roads and big rocks and tight turns.  I think that a Jeep that is able to with-stand astray and bumpy roads would be a perfect fit for me.  An offroad vehicle not only is fun for me because I like being a crazy driver and driving to cool and unique places that not many people go to.  Having a Jeep would be fun because it could travel with my friends and family on a highway or to a city but I could also go into the “deep unknown” and learn a little bit more about the world.  If you think about it, it is a two in one type of vehicle becue, most vehicles are only made for smoother roads, but a Jeep is and can be used for both.

If I got a Jeep the first thing I would do design it how I would want it to be.  I would first get a Jeep that is black and has a total of 4 doors.  As much as I like Jeeps I am not all for the white with 2 door type thing.  If I got a black Jeep I would make sure it would always be washed, so it would always be lookin’ sharp.  The interior of my “dream car” would look really cool.  Now let’s be honest it would only look cool if I was rich enough to afford all the things I would want in it.  I would be colour changing lights around the whole inside of the car.  I would also want the light to be around the steering wheel and around the key whole.  In my Jeep, I would want new seat covers and new feet mats.  I would want the seat covers to be neon pink and I would also want the foot mats to be neon pink as well.  I would also have to add some key chains around the mirror too because who does not like a little bit extra.

My jeep would definitely have an engine that could go really fast. I don’t know how fast I would want it to go, but it would be fast.  You are probably thinking “you know that you could get pulled over by the police right” and yes, I know that I could get pulled over, but nothing is illegal unless you to get caught.  In the summertime, I would want to take off the door of my Jeep I think it would be really cool because everyone needs some wind in their life.

Overall, I would probably die if I ever got a Jeep, let alone was able to design it like how I wanted it to look like.  I think that Jeeps are a great car to cruise around in and I would be so much fun to own one.




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