The longest Road Trip.

Have you ever been on a road trip and thought “Oh my goodness, when is this going to be over”!  Well, I know I have, and it sucks.  The awful dread of thinking when the car ride is going to be over.  It is even worse though when your family is making the car ride worse.  I am going to tell you about the worst road trip I was forced to go on (with my family).

It all started in the morning.  You can’t enjoy a day unless you enjoy your morning, and for me especially.  The morning that my family and I were going to Edmonton (what was supposed to be a “fun family trip”).  I woke up, wait I mean my mom woke me up waiting in the truck with the rest of my family.  Of course, I was mad, my parents did not even care to wake me up!  So, I ran out of the house with my hair not brushed and a stomach completely empty.  I got in the car and my mom was yelling at me because “I made my family late”, but really I did not!  It was not my fault that my family was “late” even though no one woke me up or even tried to see if I was awake and we were not even supposed to be on time for anything.

After my mom yelled at me, we started to drive.  Not a word came out of my mouth for the first 20 minutes.  After a while, my parents asked me why I was not talking, they said it was unusual for me not to keep quiet.  I simply said, “I am just tired”.  My mom said that is no excuse for me to be grumpy, just because I was tired.  I did not talk much the whole way to Edmonton, simply because there was not much to say.  I did not know how to start a conversation with them at that moment, after all, I was really really upset, and it is really hard to start a conversation with people you are mad at.

When we got to Edmonton, I was in al lot better mood than I was at home.  I am a very forgiving person and I knew that we were going to go to some of my favorite shopping stores.  So, I decided to put a smile on my face and go about my day, although the car ride was the worst and it was 2 hours long, it was deferentially worth it in the end because I went shopping.

Some car rides do just suck, and sometimes it is even worse when you are with your family.  Your family could make it so bad that you wish you could just die, they could purposely annoy you so feel like you are about to blow up, or because you live with them 24 hours you feel like every little thing that they do is wrong.  Some car rides are even worse because they could be extremely long.   I am just happy I was not stuck with my family in a car for 12 hours.

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