Traditional Roles

Traditional roles have been around for decades. Woman always being in the kitchen, and staying home to take care of the kids. While the men go cut the grass, fix the car, and leave the house to go to work. Even with kids the little girl is expected to play with her dolls while her […]

Technology and Violence

Technology contributing to violence has been increasing rapidly because of the newest technology being developed. This technology can also have a part in many different forms of abuse and bullying which can affect our everyday lives. Technology can be a contributor to psychological/emotional abuse┬áthrough cyber bullying. When people are able to hide behind a screen […]


Let me just start off by saying storms are one of my biggest fears. Thunderstorms, sandstorms, a tornado, anything along ┬áthose lines terrifies me. I always knew that on the ocean there can be some incredible waves that have capsized much larger boats than a pontoon. But, what I didn’t know was that if there […]

Sports Images

Sports are a huge contributor to violence. Once in a while the ref will make a call that the players disagree with and the players take it out on each other. Before you know it gloves have been dropped and one of the athletes have a bloody nose. Almost all sports include some violence in […]

The Veldt Question #6

Question 6: At the end of the story I think that the parents are left in the nursery to die. The familiar screams they kept hearing were actually themselves and the children were imagining their parents being eaten by lions. When the kids discovered that their dad was going to kill the nursery for good, […]

The Veldt Question #10

Question 10: Kaku- “Have you heard the term Cave Man Principle before?” Ray- “Briefly yes, why do you ask?” Kaku- “I have written a piece on it and when I was reading your story, The Veldt, it seemed to portray the Cave Man Principle in quite a creative way.” Ray- “Interesting. What exactly is this […]

Study Skills and Tips

Knowing how to study is a skill that would improve anyone and everyone’s academic ability, that is, if it can be done correctly. Being aware of what type of learner you are, being able to correctly take notes, and knowing how to keep information memorized, will lead you on the road to success. What type […]