Witnessing Violence


Domestic violence is a major problem in society today. Many children are growing up in unstable homes and it may have a negative impact on their futures. It seems as though more and more people are choosing to result to violence when dealing with issues, even police officers, and members of authority.bgbgb

Psychologist, Albert Bandura wanted to test how easily influenced children of both sex’s are. He set up camera and recorded children in a room to see how they would react to a blow up doll he had put in the room. Prior to doing this the children were shown a woman who have used violence towards the doll. They tried with a young boy and then a girl. Both of them performed aggressive physical acts to the doll and re enacted many actions done by the woman they viewed earlier. I believe that gender does not affect how a kid will end up if they are raised in a violent home. Boys may tend to lean towards using weapons but it is possible for both boys and girls to be equally impacted from growing up with an aggressive family.

When children are exposed to violent behaviors early on in their lives it can have a great effect on them. Seeing their parents or siblings turn to aggressive physical actions when enraged may make them believe that this is the correct way to handle their anger. Not all kids growing up in violent homes are bound to be violent themselves, some may try to be nothing like their parents and family in hopes that when they have kids of their own, they will have a better life.But it’s not only kids that can be negatively impacted from witnessing violence.In these horrific cases police officers were quick to turn to violence, taking two innocent lives.



Two innocent African-Americans were shot and killed for playing with harmless toy guns. Some believe these acts may relate to race, taking into account both victims were African-American. Without even analyzing the situation police officers drew their guns in both cases. The officers first reaction was violence instead of logical thinking. I believe that these officers may have been viewing too much media that displayed these types of violent, unnecessary acts or were exposed to it another way. They were therefore heavily effected and thought that pulling a gun was the only way when we all know it was not. This also may be an example of how police officers and authority figures abuse their power. They have been many other incidents where police officers have jumped to conclusions and used violence as way to handle the situation, *WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT*


Some people have argued that this seems to be an act of racism because in the video you see the officer is quite clearly targeting only the African-American teens.

When people, especially kids, are being raised in an unsafe violent home or feeling targeted by people in their community for any reason they may feel trapped and feel as though they have no one to turn to. But, there are many organizations that are there specifically for these children in need. There are numerous help lines and websites where kids can talk to someone who is willing to listen and see what they can do to help, or even learn more about what is happening to them and be given advice on what they are going through.

Here are some of those websites,






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  1. Your post was very well written and stated strongly how you believe witnessing violence affects everyone. I think that if you proof read it at least once more you would catch some little mistakes. Other than that great work.

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