Thank You Ma’am Response to the Story

Thank You M’am is a story that was originally published in 1958, written by an author by the name of Langston Hughs. In the story a boy learns an incredibly valuable lesson from a complete stranger. I believe we can all take a little bit of advice from this story.7c55810ae7a0c083e6919110.L._SL500_AA300_

This story opens with quite a humorous line, “She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails.” Many times in the story Mrs.Jones comments on Rogers dirty face and this also adds to the humorous effect. But, despite the amusing aspects of the story it deals with a not so comical topic. It seemed that Roger did not have a very nice home to go to you. His skin was dirty, he was trying to steal money, and he told Mrs.Jones that there was no family at his home. Roger was a child who was not growing up with a caring family or maybe even a family at all that was able to afford his needs. Being in these horrible conditions caused him to try and steal. It is quite sorrowful to think that Roger thought that stealing was the way to get what he wanted.

This Mrs.Jones character is quite a magnificent person. Instead of telling him to leave or calling the cops when she realized Roger was trying to steal her purse, she helped him, because she could see that he was helpless and hurt. I believe that what Mrs.Jones did for Roger will be something that will have an incredibly positive effect on Rogers life. When he felt that there was no one in this world that could care about him or show him love, she did just that. She cared about him and was worried for him. Because she did this for him I believe Roger will have the ability to care and love and know what it means to do so. He will know that there is always someone who cares  and it doesn’t take all that much to show someone that they are never alone.

When Roger and Mrs.Jones were out on that street Mrs.Jones was a complete stranger to Roger. Yet, she brought him into her home, cooked him a meal, and gave him money to buy shoes. This is an incredible act of kindness especially from a stranger. I have had some strangers be quite nice to me but never to that degree. When I was about six or seven me and my family had went to the West Edmonton Mall Water Park. Somehow in the enormous crowds of people I became completely separated from my family. I obviously looked extremely lost because a woman came up to me and asked me where my parents were. I told I had no idea and I was completely terrified. She stayed with me for at least an hour trying to help me find my parents and she brought me to the front desk where my parents eventually showed up. She could have left me there to go enjoy the water park but instead she helped me. That is by far the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me.


I believe that we can all take a little lesson from Mrs.Jones. Everyone just wants to know that someone cares and sometimes you could be that person. Obviously you don’t have to take a stranger into your home, treating everyone with kindness could be all the help someone needs.

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